Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cruise Day 4

Grand Cayman day!

Our snorkelling was sadly cancelled due to rough seas, but we still had our island tour.
I was kinda glad since it was so cold and also it meant we had time to...shop!

The tour went to a place called Hell. Definately not the most exciting place. Actually it was just some random rock formation with a weird little gift shop right next to it. In the middle of nowhere. :/

After, we made a trip to the Botswains turtle farm. Those tutrls are MASSIVE. I got to hold a little one as well! Yay!

....and then there was Margaritaville!
Just because I could. Now, I know I the drinking age in NZ is 18 and its not new to me, but since I've been ver here I haven't be allowed to drink. I like my cocktails. But guess what? The drinking age is 18 in the Grand Cayman. :P Woop!
So I got to see what a Margaritaville was like. The place was pretty jolly, really.
After the one very strong (didn't know this when I ordered) cocktail I realised why I didn't drink much in NZ. Not onl did it taste odd, but it wasn't really satisfying and on top of that obviously I don't have a high tolerance for alcohol because I could feel the effects already!
The bartender was from Aussie! :P

And then there's more random stuff...

The shopping wasn't that great but it was an interesting excursion. We had to use tenders to get to and from the ship..

Oh my goodness and then it was... PIRATE night! So cool. We dressed up for our themed dinner (we saw the movie Tangled firsrt, though - love that movie!). After, there was a pirate deck party!! Love!

It was awesome how we were on the only cruise line able to let off fireworks!

...and I was most impressed by tonights towel animal!

What a fun night it was! I was also excited for Cozumel the next day!


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