Monday, December 27, 2010

Cruise Day 3

Today was a "day at sea". There were lots of fun things planned though!

We went and bought something from the merchandise shop so that we got a free bingo card and could participate in the Bingo game happening at 3.30pm. I hadn't played proper Bingo for money before so I learnt and since we did the manual way (my goodness its expensive to be lazy with a machine thing) we had to be fast. Alas we didn't win anything. But it was fun anyway. :)

Then we went for a swim which was fun but we ended up in the hot tub becuase it was kind of cold outside!

Then there was the musical called Twice Charmed. It was really pretty and very well done. :)

After, we were entertained by Dale K. Yay for comedians haha.

Dinner was at Anamator Palate and it was the formal night so everyone was dressed pretty. Even the napkins. :P

After dinner we enjoyed more adult comedian entertainment with Heath Hyche at Rockin Bar D. :) I became a part of the show though and it was both funny and embarrassing!!! But oh my goodness he does an awesome impression of Matthew McConaughey!!

...and of course we returned to a towel creation :) [elephant!]

Have a magical day!
I'm in grab n go tonight. -.- coooooldness. It's so coooooold. Not to mention someone broke our heater...
Last night I was on dining room. Argh those shifts go on foreverrrrr. I really am not a fan!


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