Friday, December 24, 2010

Cruise Day One!

The first day of the cruise, Dec 11, began after we (friend and I) were driven to the ferry terminal by the rental car people.

I gazed upon the beauty of the Magic. The ship was so well kept and sleek. I was proud to being going on such a majestic sight.

After sorting out all the paperwork (which was easy and pain-free, by the way) we took pictures with captain mickey (like below)

When we were called we entered through the giant mickey ears. It was so exciting to go and see the cabin.

It was small but cute. Just enough room. We decorated it all pretty though to make it even cooler, and more festive!

Once we had dumped our stuff it was time to explore the ship. It was so pretty and there was so much to take in. Here are some glimpses..

Then of course there was the food. I love food and couldn't wait to see what was on offer. The first place we went to was a giant buffet. I was excited when I saw all the food. ...and then when my eyes locked on the dessert. Oh my goodness. ;)

Before the ship could move we had to do a safety drill. Got to love those uncomfortable sexy looking life vests. haha

The deck party was at 4.30pm and it was so much fun! We got to sing and dance and celebrate the fact that we were just about to start an adventure! There were streamers and everything. Yup, a fun way to start off!

From the first evening I fell in love with the organiser called "The Navigator". Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to schedule things so that I can see and do the most amount I can in a short period of time. Even if it tires me out!
This ray ofsunlight was put under our door every night. It had everything for the next day on it. So every night I would excitedly grab it off the floor and circle everything I wanted to do the next day.
*Ahhh* A 'type A's' dream.

Oh. And I love towel animals!!! <3

I also couldn't wait to check out the shopping. There were only 2 main merchandise shops on board, but they were pretty awesome. I was there quite often. :P

It took a while to get used to the swaying of the ship. But trust me, eventually you get used to it. Or at least you do if motion doesn't affect you. I saw plenty of people with these strange circles behind their ears. I found out they were given out by doctors to prevent motion sickness.
So I guess maybe I'm referring to people like rollercoaster lovers and people who don't fall victim to things like car sickness. :P
Ah, so relaxing..

Palo was on this first night! It was wonderful! Such good quality and pretty posh. I enjoyed eating like a queen. ;)
We even got these things to 'cleanse our palates'

Oh, and since NZ lamb is apparantly the best in the world, guess what I ended up with?

...then of course you must check out the pretty desserts! We were also given a small shot glass drink to finish the meal with (mine non-alc, of course).

Anyway so at night they had this adult entertainment (thank goodness it was 18+ and not 21+ or that would have been super sad :( ). Mostly it was comedians, but the first night we played some games like MagicQuest and Match your Mate.
The first was where an item was called out and we had to grab it and bring it to the hostess. It got pretty funny when they started doing things like "I need to see a man in woman's shoes, wearing womans clothes" ....yeeeah...
The second game we watched 3 couples answer all these awkward questions. XD haha

I loved wandering around the ship. They had something for everyone's tastes. A sports room, pianioists, singers... etc.

But anyway that leads onto day 2...

MERRY CHRISTMAS for those on the 25th of Dec and HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE for those of us behind ya. ;)

I wish people around here would be merrier. Anyone want to make me feel merrier?!

Hugs and much love

p.s I did 2 posts today. See below. :)

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