Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cruise Day 2

We woke up to a beautiful Palo brunch. It was so yummy. You should have seen the selection!!!! They were willing to do anything for you!! examples:

My friend and I loved our server :)

...but by the way I only tried/nibbled everything. I didn't eat very much of what you see. Not a total pig, promise! :P

Today we got off in Key West.
A view from the ship:

We had an okay tour of the place, though it wasn't as good as other tours I've been on. Key West is pretty and has an interesting history. I got some Key Lime Lemonade mix...just because well, you have to choose SOMETHING 'Key Lime' flavoured if you go there. haha

Some of Key West:

..and then there is very random stuff like:

When we got back on the boat we rested for a bit before dinner.
I got to meet Tiana! ;)

...and Belle!

It was Lumiere's tonight and I was quite excited. It is a French style restaurant based on Beauty and the Beast.
The food quality was amaaaazing. Loved it.

The ship at night is so pretty...

We managed to check out some activities at Rockin Bar D before retiring to the room. :)

..and hurrah for towel friends!

Yay for another navigator telling us about all the fun things happening for the sea day ahead!

xx another Xmas post below. Merry Christmas!!!

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