Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Forida

Hello everyone!

I love to sleep in here. :) I woke up and it was mid-day haha.

Yesterday was lovely. I had work which wasn't really on my lis of fun ideas for christmas day, but I had a wonderful morning with my Taxas friends who are here at the moment.

We made strrawberry crepes and opened presents and talked. It was so nice. They have such a sweet family and I enjoyed being a part of their celebration. It made me wish I could have family christmases like that from now on...

My roomie was allowed to come too, and it just felt eveyone was so kind and generous to us both. Thank you!

I tried to make the most of the fact that I was at work on Christmas Day. I smiled and tried to be merry to all the guests. I even made some magical moments. :) Weirdly enough I had extra energy and had more courage today so not only did I do lots of extra tasks but I had fun going around to a lot of guests and asking them if they were enjoying their meal, if I could help and then wishing them merry christmas. :)

I kind of got inspiration from our food manager on board the Disney Magic. He was always being nice like that. ...and you could see people were happy that I went around to try and cater to their needs. :)

Anyway, I shall post about the 2nd cruise day now...


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