Thursday, December 23, 2010



So before I start reliving some awesomeness, I need to blog about some really annoying and honestly quite pathetic stuff.
I am so glad the 2 horrible flatmates are moving out soon! Yay! That may sound mean, but if you knew what they were like then you would probably be happy too. I just hate swearing and bitching over stupid little things. Honestly do they no have anything better to talk about? Do they feel that being mean to everyone is nice?
Example. Its christmas eve today. I wake up to some nasty note on the fridge. I wanted to write somethign back, but instead I thought it would probably be better to fight evil with good. So I tore down the note and left one saying "Merry Christmas". Maybe they can stop being b****** for even a few days out of their obviously horrible lives.

Anyway, enough about those two. I shouldn't really waste my breath (or time) on it but it kind of annoys me that they only care about themselves and can't even pretend to be nice.
I loved it when my new roomie gave them a taste of their own medicine though. Man they did NOT like that. XD

Transitioning from the wonderful cruise to work wasn't exaclty exciting. But I'm trying to follow the example of the people on the ship by being the best cast member I can be. :)

The past few days I had off which was nice. It was even nicer because my Texas friends are in town and I got to hang out with them. :D We went to Downtown Disney and out to a nice restaurant on wednesday and then yesterday we went to Universal's Islands of Adventure. That was good, but the place was SUPER crowded. The lines were the longest I have ever seen them, and the terrible design of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, created problems. Mainly because it is so narrow and tiny. We actually had the option of a 75min wait or to come back in like 4 hours to try again. How ridiculous?

But anyway, I enjoyed getting to hang out with new people, especially since they were nice. :)

I almost lost my phone on one of the rides!! I was freaking out and quite upset. Luckily someone handed it in so I got it back. :)

On top of that, I don't have my camera at the moment because it is getting repaired. There's not much wrong with it but the input for the cord that attaches to my laptop, isn't working. I thought since it is insured I might a well get it fixed! Even if it means living without it for up to 3 weeks. :'(

I'm going to start a new blog entry for the cruise stuff. Otherwise this one will get too long!



  1. Hey Kimmie,

    Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope all your wishes come true (like having great flat mates for the next 6 months!!)

    p.s. The cruise photos are fantastic!

  2. awe thanks!!
    ...and there are a lot more cruise pics where those came from! haha

    Merry Christmas!