Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The anticipation..

So, even though there are a lot of bad things about the merch location I am at, there are some good things. Namely, I can pick up merch shifts in the parks easier. :P I know I am new to the whole merchandise thing but I saw an Animal Kingdom shift that was avaliable and so I was like - I want it!! Those things go fast so I was excited to get it. :)

The problem then was....I had never worked there before and had no idea how to navigate my way around! To make life less stressful I went today to go check out the costume (which is, as expected, very scary - see example below)

I found some nice people too, who helped me figure out where to go and what costume to get. Omg I hate the costuming sizes. Its impossible to know what size you are, you have to try everything on because its all different!!

I found out some really interesting things and I was glad that many cast members were friendly and helpful. :)

Now, you might find it weird how I gave up a day off to work, but to me it's an experience(and I looove Animal Kingdom!), plus it puts me into overtime too, so it's helpful. :)
That, and my days off are so weird lately anyway it hardly bothers me. Like, this week I did 9 days straight and then it goes "day of work", day off, "day of work", day off. Argh.... so crazy and all over the place!

On another note. I reeeally hope that I have a nice manager today who can help me. I tried to give my shift away on the 3rd because I reeeeeally want to see West Side Story (omg the price is unbelievable :D ). The person my friend gave me was denied by the labour people (who like to deny people a lot. A lot.) She is trained on merch but since she isn't in the system for our area they don't like it. Hopefully I can get it approved by a manger. That or I can find someone else to take it!!!

Hmm. So I am thinking of catching an early bus to return some costumes. Then I can go and eat and read before my shift at 5.45pm. It's always good to not be rushed. :)

Tomorrow is a day off, yay! I have lots of inventory things to do, but I think somewhere in there I have to fit in a Steak n Shake or an iHop.... yeah.. :P

Have a magical day! (which, by the way I don't say out loud because the guests don't really like hearing it after hearing it all day at the parks. XD )


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