Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Merch, day 1

Okay so I am looking forward to my thursday paycheck. Yup. It is niiiice. Sometimes it is worth putting in the extra time to get the rewards.

But anyway.

I have enjoyed my last few food and bev shifts.
One in particular was wonderful because I created the most magical moment ever. It was so wonderful. I think it made me just as happy as it made the guest. Pretty much nothing could have happened the rest of the day to make me feel unhappy!
Basically I had a small stroke of brilliance and implemented it. I got hugs and the guest even wanted to take a picture with me. :) I love guests like that. Ones that actually appreciate effort.

Today though, I had my first merch training day. I was so bored to tears. Thank goodness I had Duffy the bear to play with and keep me company.
I honestly don't think I will be happy there at all. It's so empty and tiny... There were prety much z-e-r-o guests. Ergh. Awful.
I already knew pretty much everything they were talking about too, since for example the Basics are drilled into my brain.

Luckily though, there is a ray of hope.

My food managers talked to my new merch ones and now that my new merch ones know I really am not a fan of working there, they are trying to deploy/transfer me. :)
I reeeeeeally hope that happens!

Tomorrow I have Disney Uni. Will have to bring out the formal wear again!

So tired lately. Haven't been sleeping well since the Brazillians like to have the AC on like 80-85F. I keep turning it down cos it makes me hot and bothered and unable to sleep. But no surprise people keep putting it back up again. -.- Seriously, why do they think the apartment should feel like a tropical island???

Off to bed


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