Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frustrations about non-change

Hey everyone

I will write up the cruise posts as soon as I can, but I shall update you on what's been happening first.

I've been sleeping a lot because my body needs it to help get over this virus it has. It's weird to wake up at 1pm, but hey, if it makes me feel much better than I'm fine with that. :P

I went to the doctor. Oh my goodness. No wonder people avoid going there. If you don't have insurance its crazy expensive! It cost me about US$130 to get checked out and prescribed! Really?! Wow.

I have a double shift tomorrow. ....and this week coming up is the last week of me being in Food and Bev! :(
Before, I was quite looking forward to it because I like change. I knew about the pay drop, but I thought if it mant I could experience something new than I was all for that. Especially if I got to work in a park.

But nooooo. I got put in the complete opposite position. How about the same resort, same location and even the same building? I can literally see the merch shop from where I work now. Really? Are you serious? I have to stay in the same place? Are you KIDDING me?!?!?!

I was naturally really upset (by the way I found out only because I saw someone else looking at their position from their record card - no one bothered to tell me???? I swear its so I didn't have time to complain and try to get it changed), so I tried talking to all the people I possibly could. I even talked to the guy who does the switches. He said he would call me back in 30mins to see if he could do anything. Unfortunately the result was negative. Out of the ENTIRE Disney World (somehow I find this hard to believe) there were no open spaces!!!
I'm not sure how thoroughly he looked but I was so sad. I am so sick of the G bus, I don't want to be bored - and I can tell in that shop you will be, I hate having to hear the stupid macarena etc a day longer! I want CHANGE. WHHHHY am I sentanced to this?! I work so hard, I don't deserve this! :'( Waaaaaaaaaah.

I was in such a mood that I was even considering self terminating and going back home. I just feel like I would be wasted there. Not to mention I just reeeeeally wanted a change. I requested a change. They didn't even listen to me. :(

They say that I can be put in the busy mornings and do behind the scenes stuff plus they can try to deploy me, but how long would that take? Would it even happen?
..and would it mean that the time off that I have approved would be thrown off again? Uhgggggh. I hate this sysytemmmm!!! It makes me cry.

There are certain positives and negatives about working for a big corporation. This would be a negative. They don't really care about you. They don't treat you as an individual. They don't assess your abilities to see where you would be best placed (I am telling you now that the merch place at my resort in NO way reflects my personality). All you are is a small piece of their giant puzzle.

What annoys me too is that all my managers say that I'll be bored there and they could if they had the power to, try to move me. How come the people around me who know me can't have any say in the matter?

For days I was pondering whether it was worth staying. Now, I know that I'd miss out on things - but I thought, do I want to hate coming to work every day? Do I want to be a zombie?
Then I would think, but I hate quitting things.
Plus I am unsure as to what I would come back to. Who knows if I could get a job right away in NZ.
Who knows if it would ruin my chances of getting onto Disney Cruise Line in the Future if I wanted to pursue that??

So I'm staying. For the moment. I'm going to try it out. I'm going to ask if I can be put on a fast track out of the location, and I'm going to show them my potential and why it is that I DESERVE to move.
That's the plan for now.

Gah. I have to buy yet another pair of shoes. This is crazy. 3 pairs of work shoes in a year? Really?

Okay. Enough venting.
Reply with your comments/suggestions etc. I want to know your opinions!!!


Should be interesting having to try and remember to take these pills 3 times a day... XD A challenge haha.


  1. Hey Kimmie,
    What a bit of a downer, particularly when you are sick! But you know you can rise up to this challenge and hopefully the changes will come through for you:)