Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cruise Day 5

This morning we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico! :)

This to me was the most excitng sounding port! I loved how when we got off the boat the culture surrounded you. There was spanish everywhere. There were all these interesting sights to take in. I was most fascinated! Even the arctitecture intrigued me.

I loved all the little stalls selling things. Spanish/Mexican crafts fascinate me. Much like how I love native American Indian artwork.
The only thing was thatI really didn't like how pushy the people were. It was obvious they really wanted your buisness but they made me feel uncomfortable.

We were on a tour of the island, but I was worried when walking to the bus because it wasn't clean or safe looking at all. It was almost scary!

The tour guide was nice and he helped me feel more at ease. Looking out the window whilst driving I was glad to be in the safety of the bus. Things looked quite run down. But there was a different character there that was interesting to me.

Eventually we got to the sacred San Gervasio ruins. They aren't as well known as the Chichen Itza ruins on the Yucat√°n Peninsula, but I found out that they are still pretty interesting. Apparantly these ruins used to me like the Meca of the Spanish world. The fertility god was there and it was like atrip everyone was meant to make in their lifetime.

I got annoyed by the tourists who didn't respect the site. Its hard to preserve something when people don't read signs and climb all over things they shouldn't. That's disrespectful and this one set of parents didn't even bother to tel their kid off for doing that!

Good thing we had guide that spoke great English because everything was in Spanish....

This isn't a well, but they think it held water or something...

I liked the red handprints on one of the temple type places. :) It's aslso amazing how long these sites have managed to exist.

The island had a lot more vegetation that I would have thought. There were huge wide open spaces of just trees.

I saw an aligator in the wild! Oh my goodness!

We got to stop at a beach. It was so pretty! I loved the rock formations and the way the waves crash upon the beach. :) There were stalls on the beach selling crafts. There were hammocks and chairs to lie on.

The sand was pretty coarse but it was still wonderful to be on a nice beach.

Then we went to our next stop which had some shops to look at, an old church and some pretty random sights. For example, a horse, some preformers and then a guy carrying an Iguana!
There was also a cool statue...

Then we returned to the dock area. I love all the random stuff in these ports.

They even had performers for us back at the ship. Yay. :)

I loved this bar. Look at the awesome stuff there:

I didn't feel like drinking alc even though I could have. So we ended up in Starbucks. I tried this triple choc cake thing. It was definately interesting. Not like any cake I had ever had before. It was very dense for one thing. Oh and we had a field day and spent up! haha.

Joking, it's in pesos.. :P

When we got back to the ship we wnt pin trading! I got to talk to all the top people like the captain! He had been to NZ!! :O

Then we had an awesome dinner where the menus had moving pictures. <3

As usual the food was amazing. :)

They put on an amazing show for us. The walls lit up and there was music and a screen that changed constantly. After, Mickey came and visited! It was very nice of him ;)

Then the show 'Villans Tonight' was pretty good. I loved the shows. :)

Later, we enjoyed an Adult Caberet. The guy did tricks. His most impressive was this...

...and then there was the towel animal for the day.. :)

That's a wrap for day 5!

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