Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soooo bored

Hey ya'll,

I haven't posted in a while. So I shall quickly try to fill it in.

I had 4 days of merch training (which didn't seem like much but to be honest I find it hard to learn things when I am not doing it myself. When I did my Disney Uni day of Merchantainment training (yay I can pick up shifts with that restriction, woop!) I was pretty much bored out of my mind. I already knew how to do pretty much everything. It was therefore a short day since I hardly had any e-learning to do. So whilst some people had 3 hours, I was done in 10mins. hahahaha.

I took the opportunity to go grab a bus (I was lucky with transport, I hardly had to wait!) back to Vista. Then, I quickly got changed and ran out to the bus which was still there (yay!). The rest of the afternoon I spent at the Magic Kingdom. :D It was awesome. ...and then my roomie came and joined me which made it even better!

The on job training wasn't bad, but our shop was soooo dead. It proved to me why I really didn't want to work there!
I know they are trying to get me out of there though. So I am going to try and be patient and see if anything good happens...
After 4 days of training I had earned my ears (so much faster than Food and Bev!). I actually got a certificate and some mickey ears. :P

My schedule is insaaaaane!!! I get days off all over the place. So one week (like this week, I work 9 days in a row) and then others I work 3 and then I will have day off-work-day off situations which are kind of stupid!

The past few training shifts have been pretty booooring. The morning shifts require me to wake up so early and I am so not a fan! To get to a 6.15am shift for example I have to get the 5am shuttle bus which you have to book the day prior!

Yesterday I had a double cos I picked up a shift in the food court (before tey blocked me access. :( ). It was long but it was fun to jump between the two.

My merch shift was slow but then we had this random rush at the end. People and breakables. Honestly. Why do you feel the need to purchase such items 5mins before close?
Then I had this crazy drama with this guy who tried to get pizza when we were already closed. I was telling hime we were closed. But he was persistant. I told him he had till 11.30 to order a pizza from his room. It was 11.20, so that was his only option. He wasn't at his room though and didn't have a phone. SoI was like. Ok. Fine. I kow this isn't part of my job and I'm not in Food and Bev anymore but I guess I can try to help. So I ran back and forward trying to figure out how to get it to work. I kept forgetting information. :/ But eventually I got the order in for him. I know he was grateful and I was glad I could help but it meant I was behind on chores for merch. So I was rushing round trying to do them. When I thught I was finished I reaised I forgot to do the cash wrap (bags) for the registers. I was know what.. The morning people can go get them. I was making a guest happy and didn't have time.

Have to go to work soon.
But first I will tell you I got a fright (my roomie got more of one though) when a
squirrel came into our apartment!! haha. It was very fast and wouldn't even be enticed by my food.

I am finding merch to be hard on the schedule front. There are hardly any people at my merch place for one thing, and there are like noooo merch shifts on EHH like there were for Food ad Bev! :(

Ok. Have to go.


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