Monday, January 10, 2011

I have to get up at WHAT time?!?!?

Hey ya'll

It's 1.36am but I just want to update.

Today I had a 13.5hour shift. It was long but I had a surprising amount of energy.

I swear I am constantly being challenged here. One thing after the other. You all know because I ramble on about it!

Right now I am dealing with the challenge of not only changing roles (more on that soon) but also trying to re-enrol in uni. I thought it would be easy but it appears that my 'returning student' status has become a non-existant student status :S. Yes, my account expired already! So I have nooo idea where all my data is or if I can even log into my old account ever again, but I better be able to! I want all my records!!!! Somewhere in cyberspace it exists. ....and I am going to bug someone until I get it!
Gah. I had to re-enrol and everything! Soooo annoying. Not to mention they were threatening a late enrolment fee even though I have been trying to enrol for ages now! Argh.

Back onto work.
Ok so my training for my new position starts soon. The first few days are morning shifts. Which is ok except that the 3rd starts at 6.15am!!! No G buses even go that early! The earliest one GETS THERE at 6.45am! What in the world!? I have to try and get private transport/get them to remember to shuttle me there.
This means I will have to wake up at some outrageous time in the morning! Eww! This better not be normal. -.-

Right. Off to bed.
Will post more soon.


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