Friday, January 14, 2011

Shopping day off!

Had an awesome day off yesterday.

My fairy godmother roomie made me up all pretty and made my hair curly using my GHD.

When we were ready our ride (hugs!) took us to Florida Mall. We went to get my 'repaired' camera. I was excited. (later found out they hadn't even fixed the problem and I have to go back!!! boo. )

...It was pay day so possibly that was a bad thing? haha. But we def had a good time, that's for sure. :P Especially since there were sales everywhere. I got things I never would have thought I'd get. Simply because they were so darn cheap.

Anyway so that was fun and I got the work shoes for merch I needed. We went to all our fav places and had a great time. :) As this pic shows I bought a fair amount of stuff. XD

Once we had shopped ourselves silly we headed back to Vista. My roomie ditched my workmate and I to go hang out with another friend, and we went to grab free food and drink from the welcome event. hehe.

Then we went to Fantasia mini golf, which was fun. Very pretty course. Fun thing to do at night. Especially when we could hear Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios in the background. Want to see that again...

I won the game.

Then, since I only had the one day off I decided to kill two birds in one stone and get some grocery shopping out of the way. It felt good to be all stocked up on groceries again. Yeah I was getting a bit sad in that department. Even to the point of having chocolate and other such foods with bad nutritional values, for meals...

When I got home I watched DVDs and then went to sleep with the wonderful plan of a lovely long sleep in the next morning. A sleep in to make up for the 2 big long days ahead of me. 2x double shifts one after the other. Icky.

Ok off ork!
Yay for 2 posts in one day :P


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