Friday, January 14, 2011

Cruise Day 6

Today was a sea day.

A day for sleeping in. Yup. It's lovely to lay there and feel the gentle hum of the boat drive through the seas.
Well, it would have been if there wasn't an amazing opportinity avaliable that we couldn't pass up.

Ys, the previous night we had been invited to a character breakfast, Those things you have to ook 3months in advance on land and then you stillave to pay for it. Not us. :P
The food was very yummy (finally go my poached eggs! yussss), but then the characters made it fun. Not to mention ou serversone again went above our expectations. They made everyone hats/tiaras/ears/something else from napkins! It was funny looking arund to see all the dif designs. This one guy who was stitch was very impressive looking. :P

Apparantly mine was a princess crown..

Anyway, we had already seen Tangled but it was on again. So we decided to see it once more. Who doesn't like free movie showings, anyway??

After that we were still tired since we missed out sleep in. So we considered it a good time for a nap.

After the rejuvenation we headed off to see Disney Dreams, which was a show. It was very pretty and the stage effects were pretty impressive. :) Here are some pics to give you an idea...

Dinner was great as usual, and tonights towel animal was a crab! :)

Next day: Disney's private island, Castaway Cay :)

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