Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flower and Garden, Day 1

Hey ya'll,

Yesterday was the first day of Flower and Garden. I got to bone of the guinea pigs. Or at least I felt like it. The CDS did not like me and I hardly got to scan anything. We had far too many people in some places and not enough POS systems.

I spent most of the day greetin an assisting guests. ...but for he morning part of my shift I was assigned to jump rope and hola hooping with little kids! Man, in the beating sun that is hard work! The adults got great entertainment out of watching me try to hola. With the small hoops meant for kiddies it's rather hard!

Had a few comical moments. Like watching a lady working near me try t copy what I was doig with the hola hoop. You know how you can flick your wrist and get the hoop to fly away but return to you (like a boomerang I suppose)? She tried i but it went th wrong way and somehow ended up between some guest's (a guy,too) legs! Oh it was bad but also comical! Luckily he didn't react adversely. Wooops! hahaha

It was nice to work outside. Except that I shall be using sunscreen a lot more from now on! I was so used to working inside that I forgot about it yesterday (luckily didn't get burnt though).

The managers are pretty nice too. They seem keen to help, even if they are powerless to do things in some instances.

It was also nice to return home around 6pm. I think all the playing with the little kids got to me though. When i got home I lay down to reston my bed and ended up falling asleep. I woke up the next day still in costume and having had no dinner! Never done that before. It was like I had taken a sleeping pill and it had knocked me out.

My new apartment is okay but I am going to look at another tomorrow in Un-Top Secret Plan: Patterson. Unfortunately since I have work at 1pm tomorrow I am going to have to get up early to have a lookie at the place. I am hoping it's ok. I want more sace and nice people!

My current roomies are nice enough but they have boys around all the time (that stay the night) and it irritates me to no end. Especially since they use my stuff and make a mess and talk to all hours of the morning wih the girls......

The frezzer is so packed I actually cellotaped it shut. The next person to open it will have an avalache attack tem. ergh. Why do 3 people need so much ice-cream for one thing!?!? It's crazy.

I have discovered a new like. Mocha. Yes, it has chocolate in it, but I never used to even bother trying coffee/tea etc. Hopefully I won't get addicted.

I started reading some things about the world today (I have kind of removed myself from such things for a while). It was pretty general. I swear so many news articles are just speculation.
I also started reading my History of Diplomacy book. I am quite enjoying it so far. :)

Waiting on people is annoying. I have so many people I am waiting on e-mail replies from. Like to shorten my programme by a week (due to uni) there's a big huge process to go through. To figure out taxes/insurance etc there is also lots to do. It's very annoying... (yes, yes "welcome to the USA/red tape/what everyone else has to put up with")

On a happier note.
Loving the sunny days here.
Loving getting to work out in the sun. :D
Loving the amount of extra exercise I am getting working at Epcot (it can be a pain but I know it is good for me)

The Magic vs Kicks basketball game the other night was awesome by the way! The stadium was massive and it was just interesting for me just to wander around it.
The Magic won (incedentilly well named being from where the "Most Magcal Place on Earth" is) which was awesome.
I learnt more about basketball. I was suprised at how much I didn't know actually. I would have been petty confused if it weren't for the lovely guy next to me. He talked to me quite a lot and was so friendly. :)
He was from Puetro Rico and explained a lot to me. It was nice to have company since hewas by himself too. I learnt later that it was his 21st birthday! Kind of sad he was spending it alone. :/ Especially since he was a sweetheart!

The tradtions (music/cheerleaders/crowd ativities) were interesting to experience. I love how I felt almost like part of a movie scene.

I would have to advise against the top seats of the Amway stadium. They are very steep and potentially dangerous! I was quite scared of toppeling over chairs from losing my balance. Not good.

Have to go to work.
How are all ya'll doing?


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  1. Hiya

    Glad you had fun at work and enjoyed the basketball game :) Did you take many photos with the players? Did you get any autographs? XD ... And movie scene as in HSM? XD

    What are POS systems btw? Are they like EFTPOS in NZ?

    Mochas are great. I had them a lot when I was working in construction/roading over summer (NZ summer) esp since we started at 7am and it took me 50 mins to drive out to the work site. Unfortunately, all we had to make them with was Milo, instant coffee and sugar, along with milk and hot water. I'd make them with two heaped teaspoons of Milo, instant coffee and sugar, since that was all we had and I needed the extra energy :P I'd have one at 7am morning breifing, one at 10am smoko and another at 2pm smoko. Also, if I was going out dancing in the evening, I'd then also have a Lift Plus. And if I'd had dancing the previous night, I'd have another Lift Plus with breakfast before I left in the morning, since I would've only gotten to bed about 11/12 o'clock at night :S

    Outdoor hard labour is the best for staying fit, building muscles and getting a tan ^^ ... Sun block and a lot of water is essentail though

    Some roomies can be annoying. At my old flat my room was above the lounge, so it was really annoying if anyone was watching a movie or had friends over late at night, which was pretty frequent. My new flat is good cos my room isn't next to the lounge, and my flatmates are pretty quiet anyway :)

    Ice cream is a good snack, though I don't eat it that often anymore - only when I go home to Wgtn and not that often even then! :O

    Btw you could write me an email while waiting on their replies ;P

    Ttyl xox