Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain rain go away!

...unless you make it so I get paid to do nothing!!!

Today I got an ER (early release) because it was thunderstorming and there were tornado warnings... In fact several hours later it is still that way! The whole day we all just hung out in the break room. It was pretty hard work. yup.

After 3 hours of sitting there doing nothing we were offered the choice of either:
1. an ER
2. stay for another 6 hours.

Now, as tempting as option 2 was, to get paid for doing nothing, I was afraid of being sent to Wonders to be forced to stand and work. I preferred being able to do what I wanted.
I mean it is less pay but at least I did the AK shift to help make up for the lost hours.

My roomie bought Tangled and so I have seen it about 6 times now.
If you haven't seen it, go and see it!! she's here, shining in the starlight, now she's here and suddenly I know...

The only problem is I am not sure what to do with myself. Like I can just hang out and do some admin stuff or read I guess, but I feel a little unproductive!

Did I mention in another post that I booked my tickets home? Scary stuff. :/

I saw a hummingbird the other day. It was beautiful. :) Wish they were in NZ.

The Itallian event after the AK shift was really nice. Free food that was super yummy! ..and seconds, too! Was sad I had no-one to dance with though. ...Richarrrrrd where were you?? :'(

Got the Blake Shelton CD I ordered today. :D It's awesome. Country music love <3.

Well off to do something else with myself.
Shop, read, sleep, gym....something like that.

I wish I had more energy.



  1. Yeah, it was always good getting paid to do nothing - I got paid to sleep a couple of times at work! :P (Btw I was wondering what an ER was until now...)

    Lol, still haven't seen Tangled yet... I prob should get onto it if it's that good...

    You could practice some dancing in your spare time...?

    Hummingbirds would be awesome in NZ - they'd kinda fit into the native bird thing here...

    Free food is awesome - we had a BBQ today for all the 2nd pro Civil and Nat Res students today (2nd Professional Year of Civil/Natural Resources Engineering).

    I was in NZ :'( Would've loved to have danced with you too! Miss it heaps! :'(

    Lol, you and your love of country music ^_^

    ... Practice dancing - you always have energy to dance, and it's a good way to occupy some time ^_^


  2. yeah but it's so hard to dance by yourself!!!