Friday, March 4, 2011

"Hey it's you!!"

Kia Ora folks :)

Today my Aussie friend and I checked out Patterson. We were impressed mostly. I think the girls were what made up my mind though. They are really nice. :)

The apt is a little smaller (eek what to do for closet room!?) than the one I am in now, but it is newer and cleaner.

Of course being the last people in the at meant we got the smallest and crappiest of everything, but in Patterson it's really not anywhere near a bad as if we had moved into another Vista place. Then we would have gotten the broken wholey stuff with mould. lol.

I think it will be a fun adventure to live with my friend. We are like crazyness mixed together.

Oh, guess what? 3 of them have cars. Awesome. They are all from Florida except one who is from Las Vegas. :) They are amused by some of the words we use. Like "boot"/trunk.

Unfortunately I didn't have the day off to move. But work wasn't terrible. It was a little boring, but my whole day was MADE when something small happened. I saw this figure walk past fast (kimmie speed! It was awesome, I thought "wow. So that's what I look like when I walk...). I recognised the figure and immediately connected his image to what I had seen every day on the way to work in Epcot.

It was the Vice President of the park. Now I am not sure why I was so excited, but I was! I basically waved him down and then I got to talk to him for a while. He's lovely! Everyone around me thought it was quite amusing how I did that, and it was kind of funny, but I was super happy the rest of the night. Wierd, huh?!

Now I can say that I met the guy on the TV :P. hehe. He may even remember me as the girl who was said "hey, it's you!" really loudly. XD

Anyway. Onto packing my things.
I shall post pics of the new apt when I am moved in. :)


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