Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moved into the Palace


As of last night my Aussie friend and I are all moved into the Palace of Patterson! Woo! There are bags everywhere but we are slowly unpacking and armed with our lovely new PC I.Ds, we are settling in.

Love our roomies
Why? Let me count the ways...

1. they talk to each other a lot
2. co-operation
3. help each other - 3 have cars... wOOoop! ..and they helped us move. :]
4. have outings toether
5. look out for each other -they are like "be safe" and "have a good time!"
6. nice people!!!

Last night we had a Target outing. We were singing along in the car to music like Backstreet Boys and had a great time!

Once we had gotten home we watched a movie together. It was so nice. Like our own little cosy household. :) Think I will like it here!

I will take pics when I am all moved in and there aren't bags everywhere!

Tomorrow my Aussie roomie and I are participating in a scavenger hunt around Epcot. Should be fun! Then we have that day off and the next day. :D Yay!

Wicked on the 17th! Unfortunately I ave work that day, but I shall rush home right after (4.30 finish - have to be at Vista at 5.30/6) and hopefully it will be okay!
I have lots of mrning shifts the at Flower and Garden. Which is fine except it means a little boredom and of course waking up early!

Got to go to work (extra hours) - Hollywood Studios! Woo!

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