Friday, March 11, 2011

I love my home country!

Hey ya'll!

Today I thought it was going to be a bad day, since I didn't escape the fate that awaited me. Yes, go-go cart was my assignment the secnd I clocked in. I swear the computer hatesme. I didn't even have an 8.30am shift! How do I have such bad luck with that thing?!

Anyway, so after a while of the cart this new guy came (he was in ops not merch though). We started talking and he was pretty nice. Then I found out he lived in the palace, in th same building as me! How crazy is that!? haha.

Then, I had another stroke of awesomeness when I encountered a NZer! I was super excited, but unfortuately he was just breaking me. he sounded like an Aussie though. I was like...uhm...have I forgotten wht a NZer sounds like or does he hang around aussies?? :S

After I had my break the computer sent me to Mexico. I was sad because I relly wanted to hang out with the NZer. Mexico is pretty small though and I finished stocking it after about an hour. ...and then I made my escape! :P hehe. Yes, I ended up back in Mexico and I got to hang out with the NZer! :)

We got talking about the funniest things, it made me miss home and our NZ sense of humour. We are so silly and laid back. :) Love it. It was also great to have someone who could relate to me and my view of things here. I had a great laugh and the rest of my shift went by quickly!

Man it's weird being a morning worker. It's not bad when you get used to it, and like having the afternoon to chill out, but having to get up at 6.15am and deal with Go-go cart kinda sucks. :(

When I woke up this morning I heard about the Japan quake and tsunamis. So sad. I woder if the whole ring of fire is throwing a tantrum at the moment? After Christchurch and now Japan who knows what will happen next? Kinda scary.
<3 to the people in Japan. I hope things clear up as qick as possible.

Miss ya'll!
Remember, if you need my new palaceaddie let me know and I will get it for ya. :)


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  1. Hey ya!

    Just a thought - by any chance do they have a go-go gadget cart? :P

    You should remember what NZers sound like from Skype, so it must be him.

    Silly and laid back - lol yes that does sound like me ^_^

    You never get used to early starts. My answer to it is Lift Plus! :D