Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey ya'll

I love making new friends here. :) Not only does it benefit you with connections but it also can be helpful (eg. some people have cars!)
Lately I have made found some fun workmates and it has made work so much better! Time passes quickly becuase I have people to keep me company. ...and by the way, I even make friends with the middle aged and older people as long as they are not grumpy (yes there are a few of those)

The other day I went out to breakfast at Denny's with a friend. It was so nice, especially to have a cooked breakfast!

We have friends over in this apartment, and everyone gets on (or at least if they don't there isn't a fuss) which is nice. :)
The other night one of my roomies put on the movie Splice. Man it was creepy. Never going to watch that ever again, I think I am scarred for life, ergh!

I got to experience what it is like working at Germany and Japan stalls for Flower and Garden. Japan is kind of slow and lonely, but Iquite enjoyed Germany. It is right next to the bonsais which fascincate me, and the wood carvings on the other side are also very interesting.
I still prefer Canada because the CDS is used there and there is a good break system (it's self break with Japan anf Germany) and the break rooms are nicer. But it was a good change <--and no Gogo cart! haha

I picked up a shift at Animal Kingdom yesterday. I probably shouldn't have becuase it meant I had a 9 day work week, but they are cutting my hours next week so I thought I may as well make the most of the easy overtime while I can. The next paycheck should be good. :)
The shift was okay. Not hard but pretty long. I got to play with african instruments or the first hour or so which was kind of different. How many people can say they get paid to do that? haha

-- I looked at my paycheck for last week and noticed some strange things. I had been weirdly overcharged for rent! When I contacted the correct people they were helpful and I am hoping that I get the refund I was told I would be getting, and that the problem is fixed! Really don't want to be ringing them up all the time.


The other night was WICKED! I rushed after work to get to Vista but still managed to fit in a shower and some food. :D I was excited to see this show since everyone I had heard talk abou it had nothing but positives to say.

ALL I can say is this show is definately work the hype. It's funny, clever, touching and impressive. We had amazing actors too and they had beautiful voices. 10/10 for sure. Go see it if you haven't before. :)


Onto today, man it was long. Of course I had to start at the cart, but it was a long shift and it was HOT. Luckily I had my Aussie workmate to hang out with as well as the artis who is lovely. After work my feet were (nd still are, they thump!) so sore! I couldn't walk normally and my feet felt swollen. :S
I wish they could have better fans to keep up cool becuase I think that is one of the problems.
Funny enough the guests weren't so happy today so it was affecting them too, and my roomies were all super tired when they got home too!

Right now I am just relaxing, and the fact I don't have a 8.30am start tomorrow is nice. However, Today is just day 4 of 9... Looking forward to my days off though! I like to make the most of days off and on the 25th it should be good because my roomie and I are seeing One Republic at Universal for freeee at he Mardi Gras. :P Yay :D

Things I need to sort out though:
- taxes [need to send in my forms, because apparantly I DO owe $9... -.- ]
- flights

Hope ya'll are ok


  1. Yay for awesome friends and flatmates and work collegues! :D

    What did you have for cooked breakfast at Denny's?

    Btw can you take your own fan to work to keep cool? Has disney thought of issuing their own fans for employees?

  2. I had poached eggs, toast, bacon and pancakes. lol!

    I asked about fans. It's not 'disney look' and therefore not allowed.