Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blake Shelton :)

Hey ya'll,

Yesterday I convinced my Flower and Garden workmate to come to universal for the Blake Shelton concert. :)

He eventually gave in, and we left at 6.
Learnt pretty quickly that we probably shouldn't have left it that late... Yeah. What should have been a 15min drive took TWO hours!!!!!! Ergh.

However, we rushed and parked and then grabbed panda express and somehow managed to get the concert just as it started!

I loved the concert. I got to be as much of a cowgirl as I wanted and fit right in! Blake Shelton is also an awesome singer and I enjoyed listening and singning along. Not to mention he is very funny and I was quite entertained.

Tomorrow I have to day off. Have some admin to do and then I hope to go to Typhoon Lagoon. :)

I couldn't deal with having another day off, so I picked up a shift at Animal Kingdom.

..and I am super tired. So talk later!


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