Monday, May 16, 2011

CBR nightmare

Today was a mixed bag. It started off bad but then got better as the day went on.

I had to wake up at 3.50am. It was horrible. Made me miss Gogo shifts where I got a few extra hours of sleep.

I had to get a bus to get the shuttle and then wait till the bus driver decided to leave (he took his time and it freaked me out somewhat since we didn't have a huge timeframe).
When I finally got there it felt so weird. Eerie. Unwelcoming. It was like I dind't belong there and I had the urge to turn around and go home.
Of course from the get-go I could see that CBR still had it's problems, and the tension between areas still exists.

When I finally clocked in I realised I had no idea what to do. I hadn't stocked CBR in months and so had to keep asking what I was meant to do.

I looked at the time so often and was so relieved when my shift was over. I was holding in so many emotions the whole time. I was tired and upset and frustrated and angry and reeeeeally didn't want to be there. I don't know how much longer I can stand CBR. I don't care if I have to give away all my shifts there are pick up shifts on the EHH. At least I could have more seleciton and variety. Plus I could do more fast pace shifts.

Anyway, so I was kind of down (call it post F&G depression if you will) after my shift so decided to do something to get my mind off it.
I dumped my stuff at home and then headed off to Vista. After having some Frappucino therapy I headed to Hollywood Studios. Although I was by myself I had a surprisingly good time!

Firstly I went on Tower of Terror because it was only a 10min wait (actually, less cos being a single ride has it's perks haha). Love that ride - and it went down first instead of up, which is rarer! :P

I then was wondering aorund and noticed that Star Tours had a wait time on it. Curious, I found out that they were having a preview. So I took the opportunity to ride it before the huge mobs! It was pretty cool (nice effects and additions) but I am glad I only waited 25mis for it instead of what they are forcasting the wait to be (6hours I heard)!

Then I went on Rock n Roller with my fast pass. To my surprise I found out that the music has been changed!!! It's still aerosmith but it's a less intense song. I prefer the old one to be honest...

I was curious as to the wait time for Toy Story Mania was, so headed over there. The park wasn't too busy so I figured the wait time couldn't be overly outrageous. It was 60mins. I thought, well, I doubt I'll get it much less, and fast passes are hard to come by unless you are an early I decided to wait it out.

I waited in the stand-by line and admired all the work/decorations. They have put a lot of effort into it! It's very nice. I was kind of dreading the long wait, but about 15mins in a miracle occured! A cast member asked for a party of 2, and when no-one said anything I was like "I'm a party of 1?" ...and she let me join the fastpass line and get straight on the ride. :D Sooooo awesome.
The ride was pretty fun I'd have to say! I wasn't the best at it but I am sure with practice I could get better. :)

I was hungry after all the awesomeness so tried an apple crumble and it was amazing! Hadn't had one in ages and I enjoyed it so much!

When I went to costuming to find out about Star Wars I found out that we are only allowed our costumes for 3 days! How annoying is that?! So every week I have to get costumes and hope they have them in my size/have hats and ties (today they had none!!!). Seems a bit un-organised. I swear no-one knows anything about what is happening!

Tomorrow I have another early shift at CBR. :/ ergh. I will go to bed now. ....but at least I have the Yankees/Rays baseball tomorrow! :)



  1. Heya

    Glad your day got better as it went on *hugs*

    Oh gosh! My 5am wake ups for summer work was nothing compared to your 3:50am wake ups! I liked getting to work early too - hated being late!

    Sorta sounds like my first days at work - fitting in, finding my way around and figuring out what to do :/

    Though I did enjoy working outside, getting fit and tanned in the sun ^^

    My family and I went to Rainbow's End during the off peak season, so the max wait was 15mins or so.

    What did you have to do for the Toy Story Mania ride? How'd it work?

    Yum, apple crumble. My flatmate got free apples from his friend so he'd make an apple crumble like every 3rd night for desert. Was delicious. He also made apple cider too :P

    Ooh, what are the Star Wars costumes like, Jedi Master Kimmie? :P

    Please take some Baseball photos too!

    ~Richard :)

  2. Lol, richard you crack me up. Love it :D

    Rainbows end?! Pah. You can hardly compare the two :P

    Uhm you had to shoot and thow things with the lazer gun on your vehicle. It was pretty amusing. I did ok, but I think I could do a lot better with practice!

    uhm, actually I am sad to sad there is no actual costume for SW! We have to wearthe one with the really annoying white hat!

    I will try! But my camera is being repaired so I only have my phone.


  3. Lol, thanks :)

    Lol, the only way you could compare Rainbow's End to Disney World would be using the ratio of park size to city population eg (park size):(city population) or (park size)/(city population)... There you go, there's some maths for you :P

    Sounds like fun - I'd prob be good at it :)