Sunday, May 8, 2011

Events coming up

Why hello there!

Today I got my new schedule. It showed me how interesting my next week is going to be! Yes, I have a Gogo Flower and Garden shift, which is the last day of Flower and Garden (it's saying good-bye to me you see? I wouldn't have it any other way, lol!).. After that I have 2 floorstock shifts at my old location, Caribbean Beach (CBR). I love to floorstock, but that's seriously odd to me that I got that! Not only do the more senior cast usually get the floorstock shifts, but two days in a row?? Odd. Not only that but I have no idea what the Trading post even looks like since I haven't even stepped foot in the building for around 3 months! lol!
Oh, not to mention they start at 6.15am. Ergh. "Welcome back!" No wonder I was so keen to get away inthe first place! hat means I have to wake up around 4am each day. -.- Funnnn...
...and the I have two Star Wars shifts!


Happy Mothers Day to everyone! Well, to Mothers, I guess. ...and hope you had a good Happy Mothers Day for those living in the future on the other side of the world. :P

Yesterday I had a day off. I actually just chilled out most of the day. I started decorating for our Princess party this wednesday too.
Yes, we are having a Princess Party (apparantly even if you work for the Mouse you can still not get sick of it all) this wednesday. It's a delayed birthday party for myself and the two other flatmates who had birthdays in April (mine was the 13th and that's when I turned 21). :)

I also went to see Fantasmic with my roomies in the evening. It was awesome. Love that show! We also managed to get on Tower of Terror several times before the show. That ride is always so fun. :D

Today I worked in Germany. It was good. Just helped the guests, took in the wonderful sun and talked to my cast friends. I loved listening to one of my cast friend's life story. It was interesting, inspiring and scary at the same time! Everyoe has such interesting life stories at Disney! Ask us! You'll be surprised I think. ;)

Tomorrow I stock. Which is WEIRD! I have never been given a stock shift and now they give me one!? Very strange. But I am looking forward to it. I ove stocking and usually I stock anyway regardless of whether I am officially assigned to it. haha

Thursday all Flower and Garden cast members are invited to Beaches and Cream. So nice. Looking forward to that. Everyone is so nice. Festivals always have the nicest cast memebers! Going to miss that crew.

Staaaaar Wars! I got some pretty nice shifts! One is 10am-8.30pm and the other is 2pm-8pm. :D Guess that makes up for the early shifts at CBR. Yes, I think Star Wars is going to be my saviour to makes CBR more bareable (and it's not the people, it's the boredom).

I am also planning to Go to the Tampa Bay Rays vs the Yankees baseball game on the 17th! I haven't been to a baseball game before so I am kind excited. ...and I know who the Yankees are too! haha.
...and as well as that I am also going to see Shrek the musical (awesome how I can see so many musicals here!!) on the 19th. Somehow my schedule worked so I could do both. :D
It will be miracle if I can also go to Busch Gardens...

It's all about the experiences. ...and I am lapping them up. Yup.
Life is a set of expereiences. ...and I love it and want to have as many as I can!

Have a meeting with a Disney rep in June. Hopefully it will mean I get some good news, but will keep ya'll posted. :)

Anyway, I'm off to the gym and then I'm going to clean a bit and then maybe later I might go to Jellyrolls! :)



  1. I love reading your blog!
    Just wondering, what are you meeting the Disney rep about??

  2. Why hello there! Fancy you writing a blog that I happen to read. This is happen-stance, is it not? :P

    Oh, the joys of starting work really early in the morning :/ Working in roading/earthworks/construction was fun over summer, but it was very tiring, esp the 7am starts, an hour's drive away from home, 5-6 days a week, along with late nights after dance lessons :S

    The Star Wars shifts should be lots of fun - they definately wont be boring :P Can you take a camera to work to get some photos, please? That'd be cool ^^

    A princess party sounds pretty fancy. Make sure to take lots of photos :)

    And can you take some photos of the baseball game too? Cheers :)

    What's Beaches and Cream?

    Since when have you been going to the gym?

    ~Richard :)

  3. Jess - glad you like it! :) I try to update it when I can...
    ....and I'll keep you in suspense until we have the meeting ok? haha. Cos I don't know if anything will come from it. ;)

    Richard - I wil try take photos wth my phone but curently I have no camera cos it is getting repaired for the2nd time since they didntfix it the first time!!!)
    Beaches and Cream is an awesome dessert place...

    ..uh, I go to the gym occasionally! Not often though cos I can't be bothered, but I try. ;)