Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, I have a lot of blogging to do!!!! Let's just say this blog will show you how busy I have been and why I haven't blogged til now!

Ok so here goes nothing...

Right now I have 4 different costumes in my [shared]closet.
CBR 1 (FOH - front of house)
CBR 2 (stock)
Star Wars
Mouse Gear
..and I just returned my Hollywood Studios one today! :P

Out of the above my fav is my Star Wars one, simply because I love working events and this one is no exception.

But let's do this in some form of chronological order.

Last time I blogged I was about to go to the baseball game.
I loved it! I went to the event not knowing too much about baseball, abd I left knowing quite a bit! I actually was pretty lucky because the guy who sat next to me on the way over (omg I was so excited to see te Gulf of Mexico - didn't know the indoor field in Tampa was by the sea!!!) became my guide and friend. :)

He (guys randomly start to talk to me here. It's seriously odd and I bet it won't continue in NZ....) told me how the game worked and about the teams and players and I found out he even knew one of the Yankees players personally. Crazyness...

The game was pretty interesting. Probably one of the more interesting sports I have seen. Not sure if it was just because it was all new to me and I was soaking it in, but I wouldn't mind seeng another game. :) I liked the atmosphere (and being in one of the few indoor fields in the country was pretty neat too) and the game actually had a strange amount of strategy to it.
Got to see about 4 home runs. :D It was pretty neat. I was so thrilled to see one of the most well known teams too (Yankees). Not to mention I even know the best hitters now (that's right, what do ya' have to say about that?! ;) ) haha.

UFO stadium...

We got home at around 11 but it was okay because I could SLEEP IN the next day(so magical).
...and after I slept in I did some errands (like washing) and then I went to see a movie called Something Borrowed. It was okay. Not the most noteworthy of chickflicks though. Probably would only give it about a 6.5/10. I guess because it kind of irrtated me since it was about cheating and somehow made it seem fine and like it ends up okay once you have figured out what is what, and that things out so perfectly all the time. :S Very odd.

On the 19th I hung out with my roomie until it was time for Shrek the stageshow! I can't even remember what we did....but the musical was pretty neat. Weird thng was the Lord Farquaad was the funniest character (mainly because he was played by a guy who walked onhis knees and then got up to jump etc ).
The difference to Wicked was pretty obvious. The performance and special effects, plus the script, were no-where near as entertaining. ...but putting that aside it was pretty descent.
I got a green drink (lime) and drew in green to celebrate. haha..

So Star Wars weekends started onte 20th. I was super excited for it. I was also kind of scared that I wuld pass out since I had a 10hour shift first day and I was told it would be craaaazyness, especially on registers.

I got there and it was a 3hour wait to pay for merchandise (and 12 registers avaliable)! Wooooah. So they weren't kidding.
There was even a line of cast waiting to get assignments/tasks and ONE computer. I had a small brain explosion when I saw that there was only ONE computer. I mean what if it crashed? :S

For ages I felt kind of useless because they didn't have a specific job to assign me to. But I had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. So when I was sent to collectables (love it there because you get to be around all the rare and expensive merch) I decided to make myself useful (weird how I try so hard to work, huh?) and went through all the LINES of people (getting stepping on and pushed etc) asking what they were looking for and giving guests information. I felt like I was being attacked in all directions...but you know what?! I LOVED it. The time flew because I felt so useful and since I had so much energy I moved around A LOT.
A lot of the cast were looking at me weird as if to say why are you trying so hard?? but I didn't care because I was being helpful and loved the adrenaline rush.
Of course it had its bad parts like the guests who were complaining about waiting in line for "2 hours, I am making a complaint!" but I just tried to comfort them and agree with them (even though it's like, uh if you came any other day of Star Wars you would never have this wait, but you came today to get the exclusive stuff that EVERYONE else wants too...and you're probably doing this regardless of your unhappiness so that you can go home and sell it on Amazon for 5x what you bought it for!!!).
I loved the guests who thanked me a lot though. They made me feel like I was appreciated. :]

In the afternoon I was sad that the rush died down, much to my disappointment (I bet the leaders were doing a happy dance though). ...and for the next few days it was a steady stream of people.

I got moved around to stock and collectables and registers (only for a few hours though) and theeeen I was put on BYO. Which stands for Build your own LIGHT SABERS. :P
For the first 30 or so mins I was like, uh how am I responsible for teaching little kids how to make light sabers when I epically fail at making them??
But, like many things at Disney, I learnt quickly.

Now I quite enjoy it. I mean the little kids who think they know it all and jam parts together that don't go together get on my nerves, and when I get attacked by a mob of little kids going "can you show me? can you show me? *shoves parts in my face* it's a little overwheling...but I enjoy it for the most part. Especially when the parents are like "ask Kimmie nicely if she could please show you how to make one" and "thank Kimmie for showing you! Can we take a picture?" Not to mention there are some awesome guests that help me practice my "stay in character" part of the job. For example, one guy was asking which lightsabers where the good ones and which weren't (somehow I had enough Star Wars knowledge to make a comment - so weird how people think you are an expert lol). Also they asked how long it took to become a master of the light saber and I played along saying "oh, years. Takes much skill and practice" hahaha. So much fun.
Not to mention you can duel with light sabers when there's no-one around. :P

I got to meet some of the characters, like C3PO and Leia and Luke. Pretty neat. :)

Let me just say, there is a LOT about Star Wars to learn and know. It's crazy. ...and the funny thing is that most of the people who work Star Wars have no clue just like me! Which means we are in trouble whn people ask stuff like "do you have anything in a wookie? What about a jawa?" *blank face of utter blankness...*
I guess it makes me do some research! I now can say that I proudly know a little about what those odd looking creatures are!

One thing about the first few days of Star Wars that was a little hard on the body was the early shift starts. Having to wake up at 4 or 5am is just horrible. Not to mention the sucky bus system does not work well with that time either. To get to work I had to get a bus to get a bus.
Which created a nightmare for me one morning (one of my roomies was my saviour though). It was around 5.30am and I was at the bus stop (beautiful and warm - going to miss that about FL). I suddenly realised I didn't have my ID. I had a panic attack because it meant I couldn't get on a bus and I couldn't get into my apartment complex. ARGH. At that time in the morning it was NOT good news at all. Luckily, my good sense made me ring a romate who I knew was awake since she had an early shift too.
By some miracle she managed to find my ID in the dark.

The only thing was that by the time she ran to give me my ID, the bus I was meant to catch had left. I was stuck in an awful position that looked dreary and dark. I was going to be late for work. :(
But I held onto the glimmer of hope that I somehow found inside me. I got the next A bus to Vista. I asked for help, and the guy offered to get a driver to drive me there. Except in true fashion for this company, they took so long and the next E bus that I could take arrived before the plan could come into place. So much for that, I thought.

This bus would get me to the drop off place 15mins before my shift...and I had to get to the other side of the park after going through the cast center.
I sprinted to Jabba's Hut. ...and somehow made it with about 8 mins spare. I felt gross because it was so humid and running in that was awful, but I was happy with myself and the day was so much better without a scar on my record card!

Onto the CBR side of things.
I am-coping-. Trying to see the positives nd be cheerful...but I really don't like working there so the time goes by so slooooowly.
Forgot what I was meant to meant to do for HOH (heart of house) shifts but luckily a lovely cast member was there to help instruct me.

A few nights ago the friend I made at baseball hung out with me in the evening. It was nice to just chill out with a friend. :) Then I made dinner and he thought I was a good cook so that made it even better! :P

Yesterday I did a 14hour work day.
Got up at 4am to get to CBR. Did that shift (8hours). Caught a guest bus to Hollywood Studios. Waited 2ish hours and then did 6 hours there. Wow was I tired. I could barely walk! Was so happy to go home and SLEEP.
When I got up this morning (after a wonderful sleep in) it was like my feet were swollen. Took a while for me to be able to walk normally. Crazy how I do this to myself, but it gives good paychecks and means I can do fun things. :)

Today (woah, I am actually up to the present) I went to Publix with my roomie. This was not in my schedule for today but it's always fun to have a friend to go shopping with and I figured that I could do with a few items.
Of course that failed on me, because as usual I bought so much stuff and could barely carry it home! Darn those 'buy one get one free' deals!!!
Funny thing was that on the way back (man I havegorcery muscles - who needs the gym?!) I said "wouldn't I be in trouble if a bag broke?!" ...and sure enough one did. Good thing my roomie helped out. :)
When we got back I basically collapsed for a while..

After I recovered I decided to go out and do something, since it was my day off, after all.

When I went to the front office to collect some mail (yay for mail!) I saw an ad on the counter. It mentioned an audition for a Disney College Programme video. ...and it was today!
I thought..."that's interesting. Wonder what it involes. Then again, I am a terrible actress so I'm going to put it in the 'that's a novel idea but I should let it go because it's not worth pursuing' basket.
But of course I couldn't.
Curiosity got me and I decided to go check it out.

Actually, it was pretty easy. All I had to do was fill out a form and then do a 5min interview.
They let us know by e-mail if we got accepted. So who knows? But 13 is my fav number and that is what I was given so maybe it's a sign!!
SO weird. No idea where the confidence came from. I am kind of happy and excited I tried though. :)

After that I went to Epcot to get a Mousegear costume for an extra shift I picked up this thursday. (yes, I am crazy! But looking forward to seeing the paycheck!) I figue I can sleep in the next day cos I don't start til 3.30pm. :)

Some random notes.
I recieved some things I ordered on Amazon (going to miss you sooooo much when I leave). Now my iPod (and soon my computer, too) is super awesome looking and my computer/phone etc can be all nice and clean. :)

Busch Gardens soon.

Thinking about going to Miami again with my friend. :P ...just because, you know!?

Ergh. Was given mandatory "OT" (overtime) at CBR next week. How awful is that? Are they doing this to torture me? Bet the schedulers know how I feel... They ALWAYS know how I feel. lol.

Get to have our meeting to hopefully be a Campus Ambassador soon. :D Will keep ya posted.

but anyway ya'll
I can't look at this computer screen anymore.
I have been here a few hours writing this! Apologies for typos etc. I now have a huge headache!
Richard, I expect a comment!!!!!!

Peace, love mickey!!!!



  1. Heya!

    Wow, this is the longest blog post EVAR! Consequently, I'll have a long comment :P

    I have a lot on for uni atm, so I try and comment when I can, and send you mail when I can…

    4 costumes still doesn't rival how many dresses you've got :P

    That's pretty cool - you don't usually start chatting to randoms in NZ. Dancing is different though - once you’ve met someone, you keep bumping into them around uni XD

    I don't usually watch sports except for occasionally watching highlights on the news…

    Quite a few of the All Blacks went to SPC, but I don't know any of them personally :/

    Lol, magical sleep ins made me laugh XD It's quite different being at uni when all your lectures are in the afternoon :P

    Something Borrowed doesn't sound like a typical chickflick, and sounds kinda average...

    Lol Lord Farquaad would've been a crack up on stage :P

    For Fuego last year (giant annual salsa party in Christchurch), we (UCanDance) advertised it by painting fire and "Feugo" on ourselves then going out to regular dance nights in town. I had a flame on my left cheek, left forearm, and "Fuego" on my left shoulder and upper arm :D

    Wow! That is a massive wait for shopping. I think 15mins at the supermarket is bad :O

    Haha I laughed at "brain explosion" :P

    Lol, "Extreme Customer Service" should become an adrenaline-rush sport for you :P

    When I was working over summer, if there wasn't anything to do, you just picked up a shovel and pretended to be waiting for the digger to get out of the way - trick of the trade was to pretend to look busy :P And that meant no hands in your pockets etc.

    Major lolz @ "sell it on Amazon for 5x what you bought it for!!!" What kind of exclusive stuff is there?


    Haha, pretending to be a jedi already, Kimmie :P

    Wookiees are awesome - they're the best creature evar, except there are rarely any jedi-wookiees. Ewoks are pretty cool too…

    Wow, that sucks, forgetting your ID. I usually check I have everything before I leave... I was late to my second day at work, and got growled at by the supervisor. But I was early for every other day so it wasn't that bad. Besides, it was hard trying to judge how long a 45 min drive would take at 5am in the morning :/

    But you are a good cook! You, your mum and Russel always made good food when I was over for tea :)

    Good paychecks are great. I clocked two 50hr and two 60hr weeks at my first month at work. I quite liked my bank balance after that :) The only thing is the student loan at least twice the size :/

    Lol, you got up to the present, but still wrote over a page :P ... It's all good - more for me to read :D (continues reading…)

    Arrgh, I only buy stuff now if it's less than like $1 for 100 grams... And I don't buy drinks in bulk anymore, as they’re too heavy to carry home XD

    Oh cool. You'd be pretty cool to see in a DCP video :) Every one would be like “Wow, I soo wanna go now” once they saw you ;)

    What do you do as a Campus Ambassador?

    (...gets to the end of the blog... lol - good thing I commented :P ...)

    Lol, I always love reading your blog, Kimmie. It always makes me laugh and smile :) Thanks for taking time to write this one :) ... And yay for photos! :D More please :P

    Peace out
    ~Richard :)

    PS *vents rage and frustration at Blogger site* why on earth would I want to create a blog account just to comment on my friend’s blog?!

  2. You're welcome, Richard. :)
    I love tour comments and they also make me laugh :P

    As a campus ambassador? uh, unsure... I think I promote the programme at my Uni and get some perks for doing so

    ..not sure why blogger suddenly changed to require that. :S - but at least you have an account and won't need to make any more now :P lol