Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farewell Flower and Garden :'(

Kia Ora!

Today was my last shift at Flower and Garden. I was super sad that it was actually over. I mean as much as Gogo shifts drie me crazy, if I put that aside I have loved everything else. Seriously, it has ben wonderful. I am so happy I got to be a part of the special cast grop who worked it.
I think mostly I will miss the co-ordinators. They were so fun and happy and humorous. Won't forget them. Especially you, Dave. :)

I also will miss the vendors. I made good friends wth them and enjoyed my shift more so when I got to see them. :)

A F&G cast member posted this. You can see how much of a tight-knit group we were how lovely the co-ordinators were. I don't know if this link will work but let me know. :)

Even though it's over and I am sad, I am just very appreciative that I got the opportunity to participate. It made me happy. I got paid to be with amazing people, help (mostly) lovely guests and play with hula hoops and jump ropes. ...and give out mickey stickers. ...and talk about NZ and my programme. Got to be some of the best and easiest money 'll ever get. Like Food and Wine, really (waah! Going to miss not being able to do that this year!).

In other topics though:

I remembered I forgot to talk about the Princess party. Here are some pics:

We had such good food. Omg. :P It was a lovely little quiet gathering. Pretty relaxing realy. No drama. Loved the fairy bread. Such a blast from the past but I still think it's awesome!

My roomie introduced me to some new music. I am enjoying it at the moment. Here's one of the songs:

Yesterday I did a double (13hours). My first shift was a Flower and Garden and the 2nd was at the Boardwalk. I only had a 2.5hour leeway. Which sememed fine, and it would have been had I gotten my facts right before going!
It started raining heavily at the end of my F&G shift. I dodged the rain and went to cast services to have shower. It was wonderful and I felt better.
I then proceeded to get the cast bus to the front of the park where I planned to get a guest bus to the resort.
Little did I know no such thing existed!

So I had to re-enter the park and practically run to Boardwalk! I was so afraid of being late and getting a pont. I was super mad at myself.

When I finally got there (thankfully it was close because the boat wasn't going due to thunderstorms!) I went into one of the shops and asked for help. I had no idea where to go before my shift. I wanted to have another shower because I felt horrible after the uge dilemma getting there.

My shift went okay. I was a floater but I pretty much just stocked. It sucked working so late becuase I was so tired and had to get up early today, but somehow I managed.

Loved the costume. It was cute. :)

Star Wars weekends coming up. Got some interesting shifts..

You know what? They should just call me Event Girl. I love doing all the events and festivals!

Arrrrrgh. CBR tomorrow.

...and I have to get up at 4am. Which reminds me - got to go to bed! Night!

My wrist hurts so baaaaad. Not sure what I did to it, It seems sprained.

Flower and Garden forever. :)

Love my roomie :P



  1. Bonjour!

    The link didn't work for me - facebook just said it was unavailable. Prolly just privacy settings.

    What other food did you have at your Princess Party? I haven't had fairy bread for ages. The last time was prolly at one of my sisters' Bday party when they were still at primary. Tastes soo good though :P

    Not so keen on that type of music. I've been listening to lots of bachata atm though.

    Your double shift sounds like a tiring day. Hope it didn't get you down too much :)

    Love the Boardwalk costume too - it looks pretty cool. The red neck tie thingy makes it look pretty proffesional.

    Star Wars should be awesome!

    Lol, they could call you Ariel the Event girl :P

    Loved all the photos btw :)

    ~Richard :)

  2. love the costume!!!!! how fun!!! I can't wait to see you soon!

  3. thaaanks!
    Looking forward to seeing yo soon too! Wish you would fill me in on your life though!