Friday, May 13, 2011

This is Kimmie, go ahead.

Hey ya'll,

So my ICP graduation is coming up on June 23. I get a cool mickey hat (ears), which I am going to embroider with some words...which I will come up with soon. :P I have some ideas....

I also have the Yankees/Rays baseball and the Shrek musical coming up.
Flower and Garden ends in a few days. Super sad. We had a gathering at Beaches and Cream last night and it was really nice. The zone checkers were so adorable. :)

Had a problem with the apartment locks being changed! Stupid policies! Gah. Had to wait an hour outside at security yesterday! Was so mad and hot and tired from coming straight from work!
Luckily I managed to get a key before I went to work this morning.

After work today (Germany) I went to swim in the pool. It was supr nice. I think I may have to o it more often!

Jon from F&G left today. :(

Got a double shift tomorrow. Working at the Boardwalk after my Gogo shift. Should be interesting. Probably boring but at least I get to wear an interesting new outfit. :]

I also got approval for June 2 off so I get to go to Busch Gardens. :) Yaaaaay!
Star Wars.
so close....

The closer it gets to the time I have to leave the more stressed I am. I am relying on Hall people in NZ to try and help me sort things out but they hardly reply and so it makes my life stressful! I even told them my situation and they told me what they needed. I sent it and still nothing has happened. :S
I have to try and figure out contents insurance? I have no idea how to do that. :S *so overwhelming!*

Right. Off to bed!



  1. Heya

    Are you going to have something other than "Kimmie" or "Ariel" on it?

    I haven't been swimming for ages. It seems to be only a summer thing for me, and only on really hot days. I hardly go to the pool, so I hardly go swimming other than in summer :/

    Hope the Hall people sort themselves out.