Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy days :)

Kia Ora!

Lots of things have been happening, like usual. :P

On my days off I had fun. :D
Day one I can't actually remember what I did but I think it was admin stuff. ...and I went to see the movie Bridesmaids. I actually thought that movie was pretty entertaining. It had an odd start and some scenes where kind of odd, but I'd probably give it about an 8/10. Oh my goodness -and it had an actor with an Irish accent in it! Love!!!

Day two I went to Blizzard Beach water park with 2 of my roomies. It was great fun! Very relaxing. It seems that even if you re-apply sunscreen every hour or so I still can't escape getting burnt! Annoying. At least it wasn't bad but my hair part is the worst. You can't really put sunscreen in your hair..?

On the bus to Blizzard:

After we had chilled out for a while they went to Wilderness Campground and I caught up with them later to see Hoop de doo Revue! This is a dinner/show and is quite crazy! The food is pretty good and I liked that we had unlimited drinks (and wine/beer etc, woo!).
Too bad our waiter was grumpy. ..and again with the cast members being treated as lesser guests! So aggrivating. Just cos we het discunts doesn't mean we should be treated differently than others! We work our butts off, if anything they should be all relaxed around us!

On the way home we made some new friends on the bus. They just started talking to me (again, what is with all these guys randomly starting conversations with me? I love it and wish it would happen at home but I won't be exciting and foriegn anymore. :( ) and funnily enough we saw them again at Star Wars Weekends (SWW). Nice to make new friends! They actually entertained me at work for about 30mins. Awesome. :D

I did a double the next day. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a shift at Mousgear. lol! I mean at least I experienced it but so glad I never have to work there again! It's way too crazy and the guests asked me waaaaay too many questions. I literally could more a few feet before being hit with another "excuse me..." question that I couldn't answer. I felt way out of my depth and totally clueless! It was terrible!
At least I learnt something new about how Disney works. :)

For Star Wars it was a nice change (I love having variety, it's awesome)one of the days I picked up a shift at Tatooine. I was thnking at the time, why did I deprive myself of a sleep-in again? But then after the shift I was super glad I got to do it. I got to work on an outdoor cart or 3hours (so much for "not long". lol). I quite enjoyed it. It was a nice temperature and it was a crazy busy cart!
I had a few problems, and the fact I was alone without a working phone or anything was bad, but I managed to overcome that and have an enjoyable time.
Not to mention I got to watch Jedi training anf battles and even the Star Wars parade (awesome costumes)....whilst getting paid! ha! How awesome. How many jobs can you say get get to do awesome things like that with, huh?
When I worked inside the shop after my break I had an equally fun time. I felt like I could totally "play the part". I said "may the force be with you" and told little kids to be careful with their lightsabers because they were dangerous. ...and I even told them to stay away from the dark side. haha. It was fun!
Tatooine costume:

I am learning more abot Star Wars. Sloooowly learning....
Want to have a Star Wars movie marathon!!!!

Last night at Star Wars the time went crazy slowly. It was soooo painful. Everyone wanted ERs but they wouldn't give any more out after a certain time. I was like...really!? 3 hours and I have nothing to do? How do I still myself going insane!?
The time seemed to slow down. We literally were all doing nothing and freezing. We had straightened every possible thing we could. We had to attempt to look busy but after a certain point we gave up because it was crazy that we had to be there with nothing to do.

The only good thing that made it somewhat worthwhile was the reward at the end of the night. :D Not sure if I am allowed to mention it here but let's just say it was cast exclusive and to do with a ride. ...and rather fascinating! It's one thing about being a cast member that rocks. Love getting to see unusal things guests don't get to see!

Today I got to hang out with one of my friends before work. It was nice. :)

Work was actually good. Can you believe it? No complaints about this CBR shift. Why?
1. I got to stock to my own pace and do whatever I felt like
2. got to listen to awesome country music in the stock room
3. met a new cast member who was pretty cool and can DANCE!
4. actually enjoyed doing the CBR dancing magical moment. Yes, somehow the macarena etc was enjoyable
5. got good news - managed to get the 1st off! (shift give away was denied on the Hub originally) ===> Going to MIAMI! Hells YEAH! :D
6. got to see some F&B mnagers I hadn't seen in a long time

Seeing the managers I hadn't seen in ages was awesome! I was so excited. :)
I have come to the conclusion that [pretty much] all Disney managers/co-ordinators/zone checkers are wonderful. I love them all. I wish I could stay longer just to see their smiling faces every day. They truely make me enjoy my job more. ^_^

Miami on the 1st (and I got in before the cut off do get a free t-shirt and it wa cheaper. yuss!)
Busch Gardens on the 2nd.

On a random note: I am going to miss being somewhat of a guy magnet. In NZ I never get so many guys talk to me (if any, really lol). Especially good looking ones. My goodness(like at Blizzard a nice looking lifeguard who knew who I was and I had no idea who he was! lol!). Wish I could stay. Love the attention. haha

Enjoying the last of my time here. Super sad it has to end! Love the people (though I love my NZ friends too <3 ) and the experiences and it has been so awesome so far.
SO glad I took the leap and tried it. Through the good and the bad it has made me a better person. :)

I love how it it 2.30am and I am still awake.

p.s Belated blog happy birthday shoutout to my biggest blog fan Richard. ;) You're awesome.


  1. Heya

    Yay! A post! I was going to prompt you to do another soon since it has been about a week since the last one :P Mind you it sounds like you've been just as busy as last week...

    Don't think Bridesmaids has been advertised in NZ yet, if at all...

    Lol what is with girls liking Irish accents?? Besides, I thought you liked american ones...?

    My younger sister has the same problem, getting her scalp burnt. So yeah, she puts sunblock in her hair :/

    Lol, it would be awesome if you literally worked on Tatooine. Though it'd be pretty sandy :/

    Watching Jedi battles would be entertaining. They'd have some awesome choreography :D

    What floats and costumes were in the parade? Lol, any podracers? :P

    Lol, we could do a Star Wars marathon when you get back to NZ. Or at least watch one or two of them together :)

    Yay for dancing. What dancing can the new cast member do?? Salsa? You might be able to do some practice :D

    Hells Yeah, Miami! Where is it again...?

    Lol love it how you can still be awake at 2:30am, yet I fall asleep in lectures XD

    Yay! Thanks for the belated blog birthday shout out! You're awesome too! ;)

    ~Richard :)

  2. lol. I knew that if I slacked you would remind me. ;)

    Irish accents are just sooooo adorable. I want to go to Ireland just to listen to them speak! :D

    ..yes there was a podracer. ...and it was mostly characters, not floats. :)

    ...okay. ;)

    You are asking where Miami is? ...googlemaps ;)

    Have a magical day, thanks for commenting!


  3. can I just say I LOVE reading your blog. I actually check it a few times a week...even though I hardly leave comments. Its so fun to read what you are up to!

  4. awe yay :) Love you Jenn!