Friday, May 6, 2011

Which sillyband do you want? *puppy eyes*

Hey ya'll :)

So Flower and Garden Festival is almost over. Which makes me kinda sad because I will miss the day shifts and my friends there. ...and the better bus and costume.
My next schdule will have CBR shifts on it. :( Such a depressing thought. I can barely stand to think about the idea of going back there. Going to be bored out of my mind....

But at least I have Star Wars to look forward to! I am hoping I get to do lots of those shifts because they are just going to schedule me where I am needed on the Friday, Saturdays and Sundays that it is on).

Yesterday I worked a day shift in Canada. It was great. We were even super busy so the time flew by! The weird thing was that it was a Thursday so we were at a loss as to why we had so many people sending packages!
I even kind of enjoyed my few hours at Gogo. That's because I managed to entertain myself with a more challenging version of hopscotch and with a mind game I created. :) Gogo is what you make it my leader said, and I guess she is right!

Today I was -meant- to be in Germany. But I think my co-ordinaor misunderstood me because I turned up and found out I was in Japan. -.-
I amhardly in Japan but its kind of like Gogo in that its not very exciting. I get bored there pretty quick. Also you are kind of a loner there...except when the vendor is there.

So for the morning I was in an angry/upset mood. It was like there was a grey cloud around me but I coudn't get rid of it. Maybe the dreary weather didn't help either?
I eventully cheeredup during the day. Little things helped. Like the cute guests (OMG made friends with the cutest little boy yesterday who gave me a Toy Story sillyband!! Aweeee <3 hugs!) and the afternoon zone checker who always seems to find me amusing. :)

Lots of fun (though more expensive :( ) events coming up lately at Disney Housing. I really want to do the Busch Gardens day, but I am unsure if I will get the day off since it was denied on the HUB and it would be at CBR. I don't know the CBR merch crew that well since I am barely there so uh... makes it hard to give away/swap...
There's also Shrek the Musical and a major baseball game. But they all cost over $40!

Tonight my roomies wanted to go to Publix to go grocery shopping ( I swear this happens a few times a week). That place is way too dangerous. I always buy so much. XD lol.
Can I just say I re-discovered a love of crumpets?!?! ...and tomorrow I am going to try make english muffins with egg and thick ham. ...but if that fails maybe eggs on toast? I am sure I can manage that. ...but I reeeally want to figure out how to use my egg poacher (the one in NZ is so much easier! Same with the kettles/jugs!)!!

I have a day off tomorrow. I really want to make the most of it but I am not sure how?! What should I do with myself???
I have done all the Disney Resorts (yes, I did Old Key West and Saratoga the other day - both super pretty, probably like Old Key West better though). I have done all the themeparks multiple times (though MK I haven't been to in a while).
My roomie went to the post office for me (yay for not having to wake up super early).

I guess I could read and lounge here? But that seems unproductive to me.....
I heard that horseriding is cheap for cast members at the moment? So I guess I could check that out or something?

Will think on it.

Night ya'll

End note:
OK. My roomies are obsessed with (and are therefore driving me a little crazy with - love them still <3 - )this sentance:
"the awkward moment when...[insert random phrase. eg "everyone stares creepily at me in silence" maybe you can get as much entertainment out of it as them...? Have fun ya'll :P


  1. Heya :)

    So all up, how long has the Flower and Garden Festival been going for?

    What are CBR shifts, again?

    Star Wars. should. be. AWESOMMMME!!!

    Busy days are the best cos your mind's active the whole time and you don't get bored :)

    So at Gogo, were you actually playing hopscotch while you were working?? ',:-/

    Does Japan not get as many customers as the other stalls?

    I hate gloomy grey days. Weather wise, it's not so bad, but if you're really sick or tired, it's hard to do anything worthwhile.

    What kind of events are coming up? Many dancing ones?

    What's the Busch Gardens day?

    It's good that you have roomies that ask if you wanna go out with them. They seem like really nice and interactive kinda people.

    Lol, I haven't had crumpets for aaagesss! I can't really remember what they taste like :/

    English muffins are good, like the ones you buy next to the bread at the supermarket. But I've never made english muffins from scratch.


    PS. The awkward moment when the music stops but you're still dancing :P

  2. lol. Richard you're awesome. :P

    I loooove F&G. I love the people especially (guests and cast). :) Sad that it ends soon.

    CBR = caribbean beach resort

    yes, at Gogo I always play when I work. I jumprope and hula, too! It's quite a perk to get paid for such things..

    I will comment on the events in my next post! Fear not young padawan!


    Correct. Japan is sloooow.

  3. Ha, padawan. I am no padawan! I am a great jedi! I am on par with Obi Wan Kenobi!
    I am -that- awesome.