Sunday, May 1, 2011

Luck is going my way, for a change.

Aloha :)

So I've been kind of lucky lately. Only one thing has gone against me, but I can still make up for it somehow at another time...

Tonight for example I was walking home from Publix. I had gotten more than I probably should have and was have a hard time carrying it all. Luckily though, a friend of mine appeared as I walked around the corner and he helped me carry it all home. :)
I seem to be getting days off that I like as well, and next weeks schedule is all mornings. :) ...and even though I have Gogo shifts, I guess I can handle them for the last week of the festival.

I got accepted to participate in STAR WARS weekeds!!! Wooo! Super excited about that! :) Look it up online - it's super popular.
Oh and the Star Wars ride re-opens. It's supposed to be 3D and very good. Am hoping I get to ride it...

Today after work I went and got a coktail after work at France. It was pretty good. Actually it didn't taste like alcohol, so could be dangerous.... However, it was so nice to walk aroudn Epcot after work with a cocktail. :) May have to do it again...

Tomorrow is the formal, after work I just have to come home and get ready. :D I love fun events, yay!'s getting close to when I have to go back to NZ... :( It's going to be an interesting and scary new chapter, that's for sure.

OK, got to go.

Take take ya'll

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