Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Soon to say goodbye


Today marks 2 months until I will leave Florida and Disney.

It's a sad thought because I love it here and I've adapted to the life here. I have even adapted to the weather. Can you believe it? I can handle the heat now. I can work in it and survive. Sure, I get a lot of headaches and I constantly fan myself on really hot days...but when I left NZ I didn't even think I would be able to handle it!
...and now I am scared that I won't be able to handle the cold in NZ again! (it's a really horrible thing to think about. ....but I only have to deal with it for 1.5years to finish my degree and then I can move!)

But onto life here lately.
I love being friends with the Soarin' people. They always have food, and they offer it to me. haha. ...but I don't eat it all since it's usually cake and too much cake is not so good...

The other day I had a great conversation with a lady whilst I was bored at Gogo. It was great to hear about her life and travels. I quite enjoyed it.
...and on the subject of Gogo, it's been through a revolutionary change. All brought on by the use of ice. Yes. Gogo actually sells things now. Crazy!

The other day I finally managed to sort my cheque out! Yes, a place call Amscot actually helped me. A miracle really. Quite like that place. Everyone else wasn't helpful at all.

Last night was the FORMAL. :D
It was really nice. ...and having all my roomies and quite a few friends there was great. Made it much more fun than the other Disney formal last year.
It was well themed to villans and the food was good (similar to last time though). It's alwayss the music that bothers me though! Yes, they had a lot of good music, but then they repeated everything! Maybe they only had 2 hours worth of music planned and then they pressed repeat?!

I love my roomies. We all went together and took pics together and it was just so darn cute! Like the Ball in NZ. :P ..and it was nice to have a guy to go with too.

The Formal had some weird moments...
Like when a drunk girl sat on my purse and was practically passed out.
...and when I said hello this guy I thought I knew but didn't turned around. He started to be like "heey! *hug*" but then stopped and was like "why are you?" lol. It was sliiightly embarrassing. But he helped make it less akward by being like "oh! Random! High five!"
So many people were intoxicated....
How is that even fun? If you can't enjoy or remember it why do people do it?

Today was my day off (and I have saturday off too...very odd). I had a great time. I had to wake up early for an exclusive Animal Kingdom tour after having a late night, but it was worth it. :)
We got told about a lot of history and went to a few places I had never been to before on my AK days!

After I got home and had relaxed a bit I decided to go resort hopping. ...to see the last 2 resorts I hadn't explored!

The bus ride takes foreverrrr. So glad I don't work at one of those resorts! I mean CBR is far away but this seemed a lot further...
Old Key West and Saratoga Springs are super pretty. I can see why people opt to be DVC members. The places are super laid back and relaxing.

Random thing of the day:
The Patterson security guards are awesome. I think they are so much more friendly and entertaining.

Only a week and a bit til Flower and Garden is over! Super sad because I am quite fond of the people who work it. ...and it's nice working outside at Epcot. :)

Oay, off to bed :)


  1. Heeeeey! to you too :D

    That makes 2 months (and a bit) til you get to NZ - yay! :D

    I think you should be fine in Wellington - it's the wind there that you've prob forgotten the feel of. Christchurch is more known for its frosts than wind.

    Yay for formals! Was there much good dancing??


  2. Btw May the 4th be with you :P