Thursday, September 2, 2010

Latin Night and Typhoon

Aloha everyone!

It's about time I posted, huh? I was putting it off a little because there's just sooo much to write for this one. I will being giving the more condensed version, but that's still a lot of writing!

I had better start chronologically.

On tuesday I slept in a little before I caught the bus to costuming.
I luckily ran into a lady wo said to press the doorbell because someone was inside to help, since they were actually closed. I was confused Uh...closed?
Apparantly they re-start with 7 days a week in several months time! lol! I never normally have tues and wed off as well so that might be why I didn't even bother to check.

In any case, they allowed me to go in and get more costumes. Which was good since I didn't have any more and didn't want to have to come back!

After that I did washing and a few other not so exciting things.

Then I caught a bus to the Commons (next time I shall not catch the C bus though since it actually takes me to Epcot first XD) whereby I walked to Premium Outlets. Yay for actually knowing where I was going for once. Mistakes make you learn. Oh, and convenience. Yup.

I had a nice time wandering aroujnd Premium Outlets. I got some more of the socks that I like (that allow me to do 12 hour shifts without my feet hurting :D ) and ane swim suit. Now never would have bought a new swimsuit except that I knew I was goign to Typhoon the nextday and my swimsuit isn't exactly pretty. XD
I like to call my new swimsuit my "temporary" swimsuit because, well, its kind of what I'm using in the meantime.
One day I will buy a super awesome swimsuit. Ideally it would be purple and sparkly, or at least sparkly. hehe.
....but this one will do for now. It has a skirt bottom which I liked. :) Not to mention it was also 50% off! Woo. :P

After that I realised that I didn't even get the main thing I came for (typical girl, I know) which was headphones. Headphones are useful not only for my iPod but also for skype!

I didn't knw how to get OUT of Premium Outlets. So I asked a taxi lady who notified me of where to go on the map. Of ourse, she told me the wrong way to go and I swear she did it with ulterior motives...but anywho.
I went where she told me and since I didn't see Publix (I was initially going to go there to see if they had headphones, and I knew bout a place right near there too) I managed to make the most of the situation anyway. I noticed an electronics store across the road and headed towards it.

I only wanted to quickly browse the headphones, but the salesperson started talking to me. I dind't want to be rude, and he was asking about NZ etc so I kind of felt obliged to stay and help him expand his knowledge of the world.

I wasn't going to buy anythign from there, but then he offered a discount and I was like, whatever. I guess I can deal with green headphones, and go them.
Of course that's where it got weird and he tried to ask me for my number and give me his. lol. I politely declined and attempted to get out as fast as I could. :S
Some situations I find kind of creepy. ....and that would be one of them. :/

Of course the day ended up getting worse than that on the scale later on.... eventually I found Publix and got some things (got to love my organic yoghurts. Yup). The free tester guy actually gave me the inspuration to make burgers for lunches etc. I think it's a pretty yummy way to eat healthily.
One day I will use the taco cases etc I have in the cupboard too.....

When I finially got back to Vista I just relaxed for a while.

Then I got ready to go out to Latin night!!
I found out however that the people who were/might have been going pulled out. So it was just me. :( So many things end up just being be and its laaaame.
But that didn't kill my spirits. I hardly ever get tuesday off, so I wanted to make the most of it. I hadn't danced in ages so I felt I needed to, even if it meant going by myself.

When I got there I found out the dancing started at later than I anticpated. I had about 30mins to kill so I soaked up the pretty nightlife of Downtown Disney. :)

When I managed to get in past security etc I found out that it takes at least 30mins for people to stop staring into space and and being shy, before they dance. It was so dull up until then.

I got asked to dance a few times which was nice, but weirdly it was with no-one really close to my age. :/

One of the guys said he was a dance teacher. He showed me his buisness card etc.
However, I can't say he was a very good dancer! So I feel kinda bad for the poor students he teaches. :/

After a while of being lonered this girl came up to me. She was by herself too. So we danced a little. ..and then she asked some guy to dance. I offered to hold onto her bag whilst she danced. Sh was happy about that. The only thing was that she didn't exaclty come back.

That's when the night turned interesting. A latino guy asked me to dance. I said that I couldn't really because I was carrying 2 bags.
Strangely enough he told me it was fine, and somehow we merengued whilst I was carrying 2 bags!!

I couldn't find the girl whosebag I was holding, so as the floor got busier this guy and I went somewhere where there was more room to dance and I could actually put the bags down.

That was fine and we danced. It was fun.
Though, I kind of wanted to dance with a lot of guys. Not just a few.
It didn't really turn out that way.
This guy stuck wih me the whole evening.

After abotu an hour I was thinking to myself. Wow. What happened to the latin music?
They had changed to club music and didn't appear to be changing it back.

Then I was thinking these people dance the way latin people dance in the movies. Close. Sexy. Personal.

Not keen on this super close and personal dancing style though. I know it's how it's meant to be danced, but I can't say I'm used to it...and it makes me feel I'm being hit on all the time (which it turned out in one case especially I actually was).

...and I kind of had to join in. I felt a little uncomfortable and out of my depth, but I fit in at least?

Of course I only fit in to a point, because as the guy I was with said "you dance well for a white girl". glad you pointed out how white girls obviously can't move their hips to a latin beat. Grr.

The night eventually came to a close when I finally found the girl whose bag I was holding onto. She was like "so, I think we're friends now that you held onto my bag for 3 hours!". She works for Disney too, so yay for making a new friend. :)

Anyway, onto yesterday.
I went to Typhoon Lagoon with a bunch of friends. Some of them had to go to work in the afternoon, but it was good fun regardless.

I have so many photopasses its not funny. So when I get those photos I shall put them up. :D

My fav culinary guy, yeah he had an adventure. Not only did he miss the bus despite 2 alarm clocks, but he also caught the wrong bus.
I rang him and found out he was at animal kingdom. I was kind of dumbstruck. Animal Kingdom?! What the? Why....? :S

Nevertheless. Eventually he made his way to Typhoon. (but he will never live that one down I am sure haha)

I enjoyed Typhoon. I'm not sure if I can really compare it to Blizzard because of the weather difference and since I was with friends, but there were a lot of fun rides.
Unfortunately there was only one big wave because it kept breaking. ...but we got on all the rides really quick. Only about 15mins per ride. If that. ;)

Yay for getting a ride home too. One less bus trip is one happier kimmie. hehe.

Off to work!!

Have a magical day!

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