Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have good news! ...and yay for Epcot!

it's called....



It was a total fluke that I went to the service centre at Vista Way and they could help me out, but they figured out what was wrong and now it is FIXED! :D

You know what was wrong?
The person who had input my data had put that my end date was the 18th of this month!!! ..and then I was termiated. Probably becuase I never left on that day ;) haha.

But seriously? All this drama because some person typed in the wrong date? How crazy is that?
I couldn't do so many things.

...and today I am going to try and fix up my costuming dramas. No way am I paying for these costumes since they accidentilly terminated me!

Yesterday was a pretty good day though. Not only did I suddenly exist agian, but I loved the cowboys outside my window in the morning! The weird thing was that I had been a cow girl for Mickey's Not So Scary the night before!)

Speaking of Mickey's Not So Scary, that event was suprisingly awesome!
Here are some pictures:

I loved feeling like a little kid, getting to trick or treat. ...and although being in a big group (there were about 8 of us) made things a little difficult at times, it was also good fun. We went on rides (no lines - not even for Space Mountain!!) and danced with characters. In fact just danced full stop(or 'period', whatever works for you).
There was free face painting so some of us took advantage of that too. :) I liked the shows and the costumes. They were pretty fascinating. So even though it could be considered a kiddie event, if you make the most of it, you'll have a blast! There were plenty of adults there as well, so we didn't look out of place!
Now I want to make sure I definately go to the Christmas version!

This post was supposed to be up a few days ago, but I haven't had time. So now I am going to combine the last few days with this one... :)

The past 3 days I had off. I mostly had inventory stuff to do. I found out the the banking system for our cards is really limited. It's sucks. We can't even transfer money onto our cards! :( ...but, at least my NZ visa card works. Even if I do have to encounter conversion fees...
To get US$60 it cost NZ$82.31 + $1.73 in some offshore margin thinger + $5 overseas bank usage fee! How crazy is that?!

Anyway, so I was quite tired yesterday but still managed to check out the Epcot Illuminations fireworks from the Yacht (I just realised how weirdly that word is spelt!) and Beach club. I also got to explore the Swan and Dolphin resorts and ride on a boat across the lagoon. It was lovely. I enjoyed being able to explore all the different, that were free to watch on the Boardwalk.

The Swan and Dolphin are somewhat associated with Disney but apparantly not entirely? They were fancy looking, but to me seem out of place. Also it doesn't seem like they hve much there, or a very interesting theme. A lot of buisness people were staying there I noticed...

Today I had my first day of training for EPCOT! We walked around the park with a tourguide. Unfortunately that's over 1.3miles (over 2km) in shoes that are "professional" and therefore uncomfortable!! So that wasn't so fun. But the tour was good. I was so excited to see the Aussie and NZ pavilions. Some weird patriotic feelings got me all excitable. Plus, how many people can say they represented NZ in the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot?! I think it's pretty awesome. :P (I hope they put my in the NZ pavillion!!)

We had to watch and hear a lot of repetitive things we had heard before (and omg the Disney Basics will be forever engrained in our skulls). However, it was not a stressful day and the fact we got paid to ride an attraction in Epcot was pretty nice. ;)
We also got a fun welcome where they introduced us over the speakerphone. :P haha. It was a little akward being made to wave to everyone though!

Super excited for the Food and Wine Festival, it looks like it will be amazing. Lots of yummy food to try (especially those desserts, mhhmmm!) and lots of entertainment!
Personally I wish they had put NZ next to Aussie though. Then we could have had some fun with the rivalry. I mean if greece and canada get to made funny noises, imagine NZ and Aussie! That would be a sight to see.

I love that we will get to experience not only Illuminations all the time, but also all the different music! No more repetitive CD from CBR, but some live entertainment and a continually changing repitoire of music!

My new costume is kind of scary though. I mean it doesn't look too bad, but the see through white pants/shorts are a bit of a worry. I am sure some people will have to go underwear shopping on top of white shoe and sock shopping!!!
The sizing is different there too - so it was hard to find a costume that fit right! I tried on a size 10 that fit ok, but when I tried on the 12 it was too small! How crazy is that?!
Check it out:

Things are slowly starting to return to normal, but my schedule is still not up - so I shall have to ask about that tomorrow.

Halloween Horror Night this thursday, and lots of other fun stuff like Latin night. :)

I'm going to have a siesta now. I have learnt that sometimes they are quite nice to recharge yourself a bit.
Then I have this awesome pasta dish I made the other night, for dinner. Yum. :)

Talk later!

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  1. Hey Kimmie,

    The Party pics are great, you must have had an awesome time!