Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last day of Epcot training + days offfff

Alright so I shall fill you in about the last few days of my life..

The last day of Epcot training was so mentally challenging! There is just SO much stuff to know!! I gt confused at times and then I swear they put something in the air because we were all falling asleep again. I was trying so hard to stay awake but I am pretty sure I missed a lot of info.

I feel like we are being chucked into this thing a little unprepared. I mean there's just so much to know! There's even new register things and the fact that there is no close breakroom means I am not really sure that a 15min break will even have a point. My locker is like 10mins walk away so how is that going to be useful?

I finally got a work schedule! Wooo!
Unfortunately they didn't honour my day off requests which had been approved ages ago. But there was no way I was just going to lose the money I had spent on Halloween Horror Nights! So luckily I managed to request a shift giveaway and it was accepted! :)

My schedule is a little unusual because unlike other people's it doesn't actually tell me what I am doing. I just have to turn up and then be told where to go by the computer!
Also all of my shifts are 6hours except for one which is 11. But it sucks because I usually do way more hours, and they time my shift is means it's pretty impossible to do a double shift! :(

Oh and guess what? I was told that the flag shirts are unisex, and so I was complaining about how the buttons were on the wrong side of the shirt, and then later I see on the tag it says "male". Well, thanksss....

I have a pretty cool trainer/area manager and so I think it should be pretty fun. Hectic. But hopefully fun too! It will be an achievement to be able to survive all this time working outside in Florida.

I am one of the only international people in my group who are working the festival (I hear they don't often allow it - which seems odd to me?) so they were all fascinated by me. I could pretty much have been an attraction in a zoo! I told them about all sorts of NZ things. :)

Aftermy taining I had the afternoon off. I txted my friend to see how they were doing, but found out some bad news. :( So we ended up going to Planet Hollywood for dinner (which is pretty awesome) to help forget about it. They have nice food and oreo shakes...

Yesterday I went to the Mall and then Publix. Although I was by myself I had a fun time. I love being able to shop at my own pace. I only bought 3 pieces of clothing, 2 headbands and 1 $2.13 (lol) bag. So I thought that was pretty controlled. ;) I didn't spend too much grocery shopping either. :)

Last night I was just going to stay in and watch a DVD, but then another friend wanted to see a movie and had no-one to go with. So I decided to go too. It was called "You Again" and was okay. It had it's moments, but compared to "Easy A" it was kind of lame. I cannot believe how much frizen coke I drank.
No-one I was a little crazy after the movie.

When the movie finished my friend wanted to go into Billabong. Which was okay except that it was FREEZING in that store. The sop guy came out and was like "what are you doing? Howcome you aren't coming in?" I told him about the cold and he made some joke and then grabbed a sweatshirt from the store and put it on me. That was funny but sweet at the same time.

Today I am just kind of relaxin. But I now am going to hang out with anther friend for lunch (yay for friends!) and I might go to Blizzard after. Who knows. ...but I have Horror Nights in the evening so I'm excited for that!!! :D

Not to mention - it's pay day! Woo!!

Have a magical day everyone!!

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