Thursday, September 9, 2010

Days off!

Hello everyone

Just a quick blog abot wat I did on my days off.

On tuesday I hung out with this random cast member guy that I met outside Pop Century. can't say I've ever hung out with a rocker looking guy before. But it wasn't bad. We went get some photos developed and have lunch at Wendys. Then it was pretty much prfect timing to get on the bus to go to Downtown Disney.

Once there, we saw the movie 'Going the Distance,' which was actually not bad. The tickets were only $6.50 which was awesome. :) I got annoyed at this arcade game though - becuase I almost won a big prize. I swear one day I will win that game!

Then we just strolled around Downtown. It was fun. We saw magic, irish things (yay for symbollic jewellery!) and musicians. I loved one musician somuch I bought his CD. :)

After that I came home and relaxed for a bit, and then suddenly Michael was at the door. It was nice to catch up, but then he had to go and I had to get ready for Latin Night!

Latin night was fun. Except they played similar music to last week..

Yesterday I slept in. That was good. Then since my friends abandoned me ( :( ) I went to Walllllmart. It always feels better once you've stocked upon food. :P hehe

Last night was Buffalo Wild Wings. That was an interesting experience.. Can't say I liked some of the repulsive dancing though! It was actually terrible. I am also not a fan of dancing amongst cigarette smoke, ya know? But the inside karaoke was fun. My throat was sore so I didn't partake.
Actually my throat has been sore for a few days now. It suuuucks. :(

Back to last night - I realised just how crazy my guy:girl ratio is when it comes to knowing/being friends with people. It must be like 5:1!!

Work for the next 7 days straight... Fun stuff.

Lots of change lately...


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