Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Main Entrance Pass awesomeness!

My Main Entrance Pass finally arrived today!
(or at least it was avaliable to me then, since one of my flatmates keeps the mail key with her so that no-one else can check for mail. >.< ) that means I can get 3 people at a time into Disney (park hoppers) on 6 ocassions. :D Woooo. :P

Anyway, so Sunday I was put on dining room. But since we weren't busy I was put on the WHOLE dining room (usually it is split into 2 sections). It was kind of crazy to begin with but when it died down it was easy. You definately get your exercise with that job, since you are walking around looking for things to do! I was happy that I wasn't as bored as the cashiers looked, but I'm still not so keen on dining room!

Monday I had a double shift. ...and I swear it is the last double shift I pick up at POP unless I'm desperate. That place is so scary! Little kids everrrywhere and so much mess and its just so much more chaotic and stressful!

In the afternoon I was put on burger front. Which I was fine with, and somehow I managed to survive. I felt a little surplus though, and the manager even said I was an extra person and asked if i wanted to go home. I would have LIKED to have gone home, but I kind of wanted to stick it out since I had hardly any hours this week anyway!
After only getting 1 hour of sleep due to my STUPID flatmates, I was impressed I survived so long. Yesss... who thinks it is a good idea to loudly unstack the dishwasher at 2.30am, and then have people over around 3am?! Not to mention the 2nd one isn't even allowed. -.- Next time I am calling security, no joke.

Yesterday I was on Pizza Front. ...but we had too many people there most of the time so I heled out in back. Which was fun. I passed on some kimmie-ness to the newbie. :P Oh, and I started writing a song about working in Pizza Back. I was that bored. Scary, huh?
The song was pretty funny though. XD

Anyyyyway. I have work this afternoon, until midnight. ...and then the next 2 days off! WooooOOOooo!! :P Awesome. :D

Oh, and I am pretty sure (unless the tickets are sold out already) that Iam going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party on the 23rd of this month! ...and then I go to Halloween Horror Nights on the 30th!! Very awesome. :D I know the Horror Nights ne will prolly FREAK me out. But I'm allfor experiences. ..and it's supposed to be pretty much the best Halloween experience you can do!

Talk to ya'll later!


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