Monday, September 27, 2010

Epcot Training Day 2

Hello everyone :)
(yay thanks for the comments readers, I love knowing I'm not blabbing to myself hehe)

It was day 2 of my Epcot training today. I am getting better at opening my locker! Woo! Yesterday I couldn't open that combination lock for the life of me! Those things are crazy and I wish I knew how they worked!

Oh and guess what? Suddenly I hav to use a system called CDS, which isn't used in resorts. ...and what do ya know? It recognised everyone but me. Darn this accidental termination which has made life so difficult!

I e-mailed a lady who co-ordinated the Aussie/NZ programme the other day and told her what had happened to me recently. I got a nice e-mail from her and then she forwarded it to another lady who then sent another nice letter. It was nice that they went out of their way to apologise and offer assistance. At least it feels as if some people really do care and want to help.

Back to training... man it was a long day. Everyone was so tired (we had to get up at 6am so...) including myself. They ha people walking around waking people up. lol!
The training was really repetitive though and the fact we had to take a test wasn't so fun! I passed though, so yay!

I had to talk to someone about the fact that I didn't really havea schedule at the moment, and they wrote my detials down so hopefully it will get fixed soon! Otherwise I guess I have some people I need to call!!

They are very strict for the festival. Anyone who has pre-approved time off is not even guaranteed it!

I couldn't believe that the greeting they had for NZ was "Good Day", too! I was like...huh?! No-one says that, it's way too pash! How about a "Kia Ora" "Haere Mai" or even just "hello"? Seriously. I thought that was super strange...

The white pants are really not liked by many people, but there are some good things about today!
We got some free stuff! Woo! Go free stuff. :P I was quite excited. hehe.

Tomorrow's training should be the most interesting. I think we get to check ot our work location more. :)

I am super tired. So I'm gonna have a rest.
Have a magical day!



  1. Hey Kimmie,

    The festival sounds like it will be a lot of fun, but yeah "G'day" no-one hardly says that at all anymore!
    So how do you go about getting approved time off with WDW anyway, is it normally easy?

  2. Narelle: well it's fun, but it definately has its bad points - like working outside!
    ...yes if I work the NZ kiosk (which I better! lol) I'm going to say Kia Ora :P

    It depends on your work location as to how hard it is to get time off. Usually you just go on the Hub and request it, but often it is denied. When it is denied you can try talking to your managers and sometimes they can approve it. Also you can try and give a way shifts - some places you just post what you want to get rid of, if you can't find someone to take your shift.
    So yes, it depends. I have found it ok to be able to get time off though. Often there are a lot of people who will grab your shift. :)

    Richard: I know, right? It seemed very odd.