Sunday, September 5, 2010

You are the best thing, that's ever been mine...

Hello ya'll!

Right now I am sitting on my bed relaxing. It's quite nice.

This morning however, I got up early to use skype and then went for a swim. I always love having the pool to myself in the morning when it's not too hot and lovely and quiet.

I also love nice clean hair. Which I had, after I washed it following my swim. :D

I have work this afternoon. But until then I am going to relax and bask in he awesomeness that is my free time. :) ...and sleep.
I didn't sleep last night. No idea why. My brain wouldn't stop thinking and then I couldn't breathe properly. :/

A random thing I want to express...
Relecting on my experience so far, I just want to say how much I am enjoying this experience, despite the things that go wrong and the challenges I face. It is character building and I know in years time I will look back on this year with fondness.
It is an amazing thing to do, and I encourage anyone to try it or something similar. You just learn so much and meet so many wonderful people. I think I have become more independent and grown quite a bit already. I am therefore very thankful for this *magical* opportunity.

But onto the past few days!

On thursday I worked in Broiler. :) It was good, but I was by myself most of the night so that was a little boring. I met a new culinary person and she kind of scared me to begin with. I think it had something to do with her sense of humor. I did not know when she was being serious andwhen she wasn't. However, I was still nice to her and in the end she opened up a little to me and she says hello to me now when she sees me which is nice.
It's always good to have lots of friends and people around you who support you and might even miss you if you vanished.

On Friday I was in burger back with a new culinary who was nice to me but whom I hadn't really talked to. In fact I kept forgetting his name. :P Not that such a thing is unusual for me!
Burger back was pretty fun though. Lots of singing and dancing and socialising. Whilst working, of course. I smelt of burger shop after, but hey who cares if I had fun and don't even have to wash the costumes!? haha!

Yesterday was another story. I had to get my POP costume fo tomorrow's double shift. It was suposed to be an easy stress free thing to do before work. However, I managed to drop part of the costume and when I was on the bus I realised. Of course it was too late to go back. So I got back to vista and then had 30mins to get ready for work and get on a bus to go and get the last piece of the costume. Once I had it (thankfully it hadn't been issued to me so I don't have to pay for it!!) then I had to walk (omg the heat!!! So HOT!) to the guest bus stop to get the internal bus around Carribbean. I couldn't wear my costume so I wore a random top with my costume pants. I wonder if anyone noticed...? At least the guest buses are nicely air conditioned and clean.

I was on Pizza front. Which started nicely since I had Prince Eric to hang out with and get hugs from. Got to love hugs. :)
The whole evening was craaaaazy though. There was a non-stop rush of people. I barely picked up the napkins to clean the place up and someone else would come. Therefore, it was pretty much messy all night.

There were 2 newbies in the back (I'm not a newbie anymore, woo!) and they had to work hard. I was quite enjoying watching them attempting to cope with everything. I was funny. Especially when I gave them more work to do. ;)

I was quite suprised at how well they did do though. ...and then they helped me at the end of the night when I was asked to extend to close pizza (meaning I was there an extra 30mins). I was like awe! Its so nice to have help to close shops!! :)
..especially when I throw soup all over myself and my shoes. yeah...

That's the second time that manager asked me to extend. So I'm thinking maybe he is noticing me more and thinks I am capable to do extra and do an OK job?

Tomorrow I have a double shift, and I just picked up some more double shifts for next week. Loving my bank account balance which allows me to do fun things. :)

Looking forward to tuesday when I have latin night and wednesday when I have osmething else that evening.
No idea what I am doing during the day. I need to find someone to hang out with!

The question is "Luau or Buffalo Wild Wings?" Life has so many tough choices. ;)

Random stuff:

I am very much liking the new Taylor Swift song, 'Mine'

...I heard about the earthquake in NZ! I think the reason no-one got hurt despite the scale of it, is becuase we are well prepared in NZ and our building are pretty well constructed?
I did think that ya'll would be happy to get a week off uni, but hearing that it just cuts off your study week actually makes it super lame! Curse you, tectonic plates!

Here are a few of my fav pics from Typhoon for ya'll. :)


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