Sunday, September 12, 2010

Work work wok

Hola everyone :)

The past few days I have just been working. ...and I will be doing that for the next 3 days, as well as today!

On thursday I was put in dining room doing chairs and trays. Normally this would be okay, and I've done it before, but it was soooooooo boring. It was at the point where if Isaw a crumb on the ground it was almost cause for excitement.
Luckily the awesomeist manager was there, and she started talking to me. I told her I was really bored and then she sked if I'd like To go home early! Of course I said yes! I got to go home, whilst the others watching me wishing they could too! haha.

Friday before work I got a haircut! Woo! Go me. :) So my hair actually looks tidy. hehe. I had an interesting experience there too. I love it when people think they are having an exclusive conversation when they aren't. ;)

For work, I was put in Grab n Go. I had never done it before so was kind of unsure how it would go. However, once I fiured out where everything was kept it was pretty easy. In fact my shift was meant to finish at 12.30am, but I finished 45mins early so I got to catch the 12.01bus :D Go me!
I was invited to TGI Fridays after my shift, and I thought, hey why not? I mean it was late, sure, but my whole body clock is different now anyway.
It was a random adventure.
After quickly getting ready to go out I managed to get the next bus. This bus however takes aaaaages to get to the place I wanted to go (the last stop! :( ).
So by the timw I got there it was 1.40am. ....and it looked very closed. So I didn't get off the bus.
I pretty much just went on a long bus ride in the middle of the night. Yeeeeah. Fun stuff. I did make a new friend though. So that was good. :P [too bad I found out yesterday that my workmates were still THERE at that time. Darn not having anyone to contact...]

Last night I was put on cashier. Which was weird, because when you are on cashier it shows on the Hub, and it didn't for me. So they prolly changed me around last minute I'm guessing.
It was weird being on cashieragain because I had to try and remember everything. I mean it wasn't too bad, but I did have my moments. :P

Omg, and I had some magical moments! My fav was this one where this little 3yr old gave me a hug!!! It was soooo adorable! :D

Today I work 4.30-11. Which is a pretty nice shift. Man I'm having all these tiny shifts lately though. My pay check is going to be tiny. :(

..I have a double tomorrow. Yay for POP shifts... lol. Means I'll have the fun job of dining room again most likely.

My next days off are thursday and friday. Should be good. I have some people to hang out with. :)

I need to get going
Have a magical day everyone!


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