Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm starting to re-appear...

Kia Ora everyone :)

There are a bunch of people working on my case. Rest assured, I have definately NOT been termed.

The past few days I have been working 'off the clock'. However, my card worked when I used it to sign in and out yesterday. Now, I am not sure if the card really does recognise who I am, but the Hub still doesn't work for me.
Which is super annoying. I hate not being able to access my work schedule and extra hours!

At least I have the next 2 days off. I'm going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tomorrow. That should be fun. :)
Friday I have evening plans but again, not sure what I'm gonna do during the day.

Thee's so many things to do here, but if you don't have anyone to do them with its not as good. Plus, I don't even know if I am getting paid tomorrow since I don't exist. >.<

Oh my goodness, I was looking at events in Orando, and there are so many free outside movies shown! It's really cool. ..and then there's the Latin Food and Wine Festival and Leu Gardens where they have scary story telling and concerts etc!

Sometimes I wish I could just stay in this Disney bubble for many more years so that I could experience everything here!

Yesterday I worked Grab n GO. I was working with someone I kind of try to avoid, but it was ok because he avoided me too. :P

Today I work a shift that goes until 12.30am. Got to love those. :/

Anyway, talk later!
Someone leave a comment! ;)


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  1. -comment- :P

    Glad that everything's working out and hopefully you'll be back in the system v soon :D

    Enjoy Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!