Monday, September 20, 2010

Working off the clock

Hey ya'll

I am actually posting 2 posts at the same time becuase I ran out of time to post the prior one the other day. So don't forget to check that one out or else this one could be confusing for you...


So the past 2 days I actually have kept to my work schedule that I (luckily) printed out before I vanished off the face of the earth. I have kind of been like an extra worker, but that's not my fault. I wouldn't be if I wasn't somehow erased.
...and yes my manager told me yesterday they are working on fixing things and making me exist again. She also said that someone actually did delete me.
That person should be more careful. -.-

The first day I was in pizza and the second was a double shift (ergh to 6am starts) starting in dining room and moving onto burger.

The managers have a copy of my schedule but since I got erased I am not in their work schedules. So they have to try and chuck me in the mix.
I could just have said nothing and then not gone to work....but then that would have stuffed up everything and then there would have been no chance of me getting paid...and the Epcot thing could be jeopardised.

Which, I need to do something about. No way are they replacing me just because I disappeared. I bought white shoes and socks and I am psyched to work Food and Wine festival! They aren't going to take that away from me!

Yesterday wasn't as bad, but the first day I swear people did treat me almost as if I didn't exist. I felt kind of hollow. It was so weird. I think maybe becuase I still was entirely sure what was happening.
A lot of people were sympathetic to me, but no one had ever heard of my situation before. So they were just like "oh that sucks" and then carry on with their buisness. It was this horrible alone feeling. Same with the day this all started (friday), that bus trip. Yeah it was as if I was the only one on the bus because I felt as if no-one could relate to me.

Anyway, I am acting as normal as possible, even though I have to sign in and out imaginally in front of managers. That and everyone got their new work schedules yesterday and I didn't. :( *feels left out*

I reeeeally hope this gets fixed soon. It's not very nice.
PERSON WHO DID THIS TO ME: GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! You owe me. I had a mini heart attack and all that stress cannot be good for me!

I 'work' today and the next 2 days. Then 2 days off! Yaaaaay!
I can't wait for Halloween Horror Nights and Mickey's Not So Scary party!!
Should be good. :D

That and I'm going to Latin night next tuesday! :)

Off to do other things
I really don't want to go to the costume shop becuase I know they will make me pay for a part of a costume I lost.:( ....unless.... when I vanished off the radar that discrepancy also vanished...? Maybe that is one good thing? Haha. Who knows. I was going to get costumes today, but since I just realised my card doesn't even work there would be no point no would there??

I'm going to Walgreens to buy TOILET PAPER. Because my roomate never does despite saying she will. Sigh.

In the next month or so I'm gonna push to change to Chatham or Patterson again. I really am not a fan of this apartment. No one respects anyone. ..and then Vista Way just falls apart all the time so yeah...

...okay I'm actually going to go now..


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