Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun and Fretting

Hola everyone,

I love days off, just like everyone else. ..and mine started off fine.
However, yesterday my mood was suddenly chopped up into tiny little pieces. :/

I shall explain later.

On Thursday I went shopping with my friend at the Premium Outlets. Which was fun. :)
After the stressful night before where I worked overtime and the manager blamed me for things that I didn't do, I was thankful for some retail therapy. :P

I was trying to find an outfit (or at least get some ideas) for halloween, and a few other things. I also needed to buy some white shos and socks becauuuuse....

I am being deployed.

To Epcot. ...for the Food and Wine festival.

At first I was suprised because I didn't think I was one of the people being sent there (only 3 per resort).
However, as I started to think, I came up with some positives and negatives of the situation:

I get to work at a themepark
the food and wine festival is really popular and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
new places, new faces? (hopefully nice ones?)
maybe I will get to work at the NZ pavilion and represent my country?! :D
it's only temporary...

6 week change
more training...
probably going to be an outside role (gaaah :/ )
the costume, like many here, is quite scary looking (esp those white shorts..)
I will miss my Carribbean people!
the C bus is allllways crowded

Anyway, so shopping was fun. I wished I could have gone to Florida Mall too, but at least I got my shoes and socks. (I got the same type as my black pair but in white because I know they are comfortable :) )

Eventually my friend had to go to work, and so I decided to go to Walmart and see if they had anything useful for Halloween.
I found out they didn't have too much, but I've decided to improvise. I'm prolly just going to go as a cowgirl and then add some orange and red ribbon etc to make it more halloweenish (not that anyone dresses to any type of mould anyway..).
I bought a bluetooth! So now I can look like those buisness people who talk to themselves. Haha. But yeah, it should be handy, and hopefully better for me than having a phone to my ear for ages...

When I was at Walmart I contacted Michael and we decided to meet up to see Fantasmic. I had never seen it before becuase every time I went to see it, it wasn't on (it's only on a few times a week).
Prior, we went on some rides, and then we got ice-creams and watched the insane line of people waiting to get into Fantasmic.
I had hope that we would still be able to get in, even though the line was insane and the guy said that we would have to stand. ...and we got so lucky! We joined the line at the end and followed the massive crowd.
Somehow, we managed to get in.
Somehow got a seat
..and somehow we got a seat at the FRONT. lol!

Fantasmic was amaaaazing! Very cleverly done. ..and although throughout the whole show I was wondering trying to figure out the tricks, I was still very impessed. I especially liked how they used water for effect.

After that I experienced one of the prettiest out-of-a-novel evenings of my life. ...and only if you are a close friend or family member will I reveal that. ;)

Yesterday however, we were meant to go resort hopping, but ended up going to Publix, then jumping to Epcot so she could buy her Not So Scary ticket. Eventually we managed to get to the guest buses and go on an adventure (the monorail was down) to get to the Grand Floridian.

The Grand Floridian was petty grand, but not exactly like I had pictured. I mean it was all posh, but I was execting it to have alot more stuff. ...maybe we only saw a small part of it? I liked the sand and the hammocks the best. :)

..but then that's when things turned for the worse.

We were looking around a merchandise store and I went to go buy a Halloween pin. When I tried to buy it my card would not work.
They were like - have you been fired?

You have nooooooo idea how much I freaked out. I was so scared. No way did I want to be deported back and have 48hours to get out of the country!
Not only that but I am one of those people that are so careful not to do anything wrong. I know Disney doesn't have to have a reason to fire you, but it'd be awfully inefficient if they just fired people for no reason. ..that, and it would make people angry and the buisness would probably get a bad name.

Anyway. So that was the longest and most stressful bus journey in my whole life! I wanted to get off and talk to someone so bad! If I was termed, surely I'd know? Surely someone could explain this to me?!

When we finally reached Vista the office people gave me some numbers to ring. Except none of them were useful because their lines closed at 4.30pm each day and then are closed on the weekend! (why did this have to happen to me on a friday?!)

The only person I got through to was the IT person and he couldn't help me except to say that my status was an "inactive employee".

I was super freaked out by that phrase and even though my friend and I were meant to cook together that evening, I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I talked to something other than an automated voice!

So, even though I hated the inconvenience I got on a bus and went to work.

..and thankfully my fav manager was there!
She e-mailed a whole bunch of people bunch even she didn't know what was going on or how else she could help.

Right now I am in a state of non-existance....

Talk to ya'll later. Hopefully I'll exist soon.

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