Friday, June 3, 2011

Todo, I don't wanna go home! :(

Konnichi wa,

This day one month away I will be on my way to Utah to see friends before I leave for New Zealand.
Lots of people would be excited about this, and yes I have had moments of weakness where I have wanted to just go home, but to be honest I am scared and sad. I like the life here and the people (at least most of the people) and the freedom. I am scared of all the things I have to do before and after I get home. ...and the COLD. :(

Boys. Aye. Why is it that even when I say to myself that I want to have a break from boys it doesn't happen? AMERICA, what have you DONE to me?! My boy habits have totally changed. I was so reserved before.'s true that being in this type of environment can make you more open to trying new things and want to experience things -to a point you decide of course.
It's probaby cos I like company and affection like pretty much everyone. Plus I mean I may as well lap it up whilst I am here since guys in NZ haven't caught my attention much and vice versa. Don't want to go back to NZ boys who are all rugged (I lie mostly rugged, there are good ones too, huh Richard? ;) ) and drink lots and think they're awesome. :/
I tell you now that after I finish my degree in NZ I am OUT of there!
I love my country but I also love warm weather and being able to wear shorts and dresses! I want to travel and explore and meet people!

I feel like I am going to be all lonely in NZ by myself. :( Such a depressing thought. I have come to enjoy other peoples company. Just having people around makes me feel better.
Which is weird, because I am a pretty independent person and previously I would have considered myself more a person who prefers my own company. But Disney you have showed me my true self!

But if I look positively, I am looking forward to seeing some of my NZ friends again and going to Australia/Thailand in the summer break. I am looking forwrd to having a more constant schedule. I can plan things better and also if I have a more constant lifestyle maybe other things will be possible. Maybe in the uni Hall I will make good friends...

I will be glad to hopefully get away from this enviroment which promotes false and short relationships with people. Yes you make lots of great friends but they aren't arond long and then if you are someone with a car or something people most of the time abuse you for that. Also, it is nice not to really be in the real world but it's also kind of fake and I feel a little oblivious to the world around me.

I HAVE to get my degree. Can't do that here.
I HAVE to travel and explore. It is in my blood! If I don't move from here I can't really do that much.


Let's talk about the past few days though. :)
I went to MIAMI (again). It's horrible getting up at like 4am to get there, but it's so fun so it's worth it. :)
Had a great time. So relaxing. The beaches are so big. The sand is full of shells. The water is warm and clear. Hot (humidity was a little hard to deal with though).

My friend (and pretty much tour guide) showed me this awesome place called Nikki Beach. It had cabanas and beds and hammocks (and teepees...?!). There are guys who look egyptian that take your order. How awesome is that?!
I was thinking that it would be super amazing and romantic at night. ...they need an outdoor movie screen though to top it off.
Good cocktails. ...and $300 group cocktails! lol!!

We also went to the places in Jersey Shore, like the house they lived in and the gelato shop Leccalecca that they went to. I don't like that show but hey, at least I saw where they were. haha.

Had an all around fun and relaxing day. Ate at TGIF. The salad was pretty awesome.

The water at Southbeach is super niiiiice. I LOVE warm water. :D

Topless people everywhere... arrrrgh. Weiiiiird.

Wil the photographer (the guy who runs it) got a little uh...well actually a lot, drunk(he wasn't driving, don't wory) there. Then he tried to make people do crazy things. Including me! Oh myyy... I swear Miami is like the southern Vegas.

What I find interesting is that Miami has all these rich pockets amongst poverty. You see it everywhere. Expensive cars and houses and boats amongst dirty and run down neighbourhoods. Crazy.

I was pretty tired after all that (I know, I didn't evewn do much and yet I was tired!?) I think mainly due to the heat/humidity and lack of sleep. Literally you woud perspire from sitting still.

By the way - be proud! Not only did I not get burnt but I even have a very super light tan! That's RIGHT. hahaha

The next morning I had to wake up early again because I was going to Busch Gardens. Surprisingly my body didn't protest much when I had to get up at around 6am!

I loved Busch Gardens! Big and pretty (like Animal Kingdom). Lots of rollercoasters! Not sure why I love coasters so much but I have no fear of them at all and to be honest the more extreme and fast it is, the more I enjoy it! My faves were Montu and Kumba. Nice and fast. :D Would love to go back to this park. It's far cooler than Universal in my opinion.

We also had our own private catered event and it was GOOD. Ohmygoodness it tasted amazing. I was starving and so it tasted like the most amazing food in the world. ...but equally it was also very delicious.

Back to reality though (sigh) today and the next two days I work Star Wars. Except I now have all these awful evening shifts! I loved my day and morning shifts. :( So sad those days are over.


Reflecting (I hated this in school, thought it was annoying. But it's more fun in this situation :P ) upon what I have done so far in my Disney programme and comparing it to my wishlist that I made before my programme I think I have done pretty well....
Let's see...

--> Company D DONE
--> Go to all 6 Disney theme parks DONE - mulitple times!
--> DisneyQuest ...almost did. :/
--> Go to the 2 universal theme parks (which inc the new Harry Potter theme park) DONE
--> Halloween horror nights, mardi gras... DONE...both!
--> Dancing! - go to Latin Quarter and Bongos! ...Bongos DONE ....not Latin Quarter yet...
--> Citywalk when I'm 21(I have 3 months of being legally able to drink there!) DONE ...could explore more though
--> Busch Gardens themepark! + Aquatica + Seaworld + Adventure Island ...Kind of expensive to do everything but Busch DONE!--> Go shoppppping (I hear the Mall are awesome :P )
--> Hang at Mickey's Retreat (a place for cast members only!) DONE
--> Do some courses at Disney University yup, have mouseters! DONE!
--> Crazy golf...? Never found out what this was, but I have DONE mini golf a few times, inc Fantasia. :)
--> Downtown Disney cinema DONE many times!
--> Zumba? nope. One thing that is super hard at Disney is having something on at the same time every week. Schedulers never worked with me on that one. lol. Miss dancing.
--> Make use of free gym and pools etc DONE
--> Check out the themed resorts DONE - ALL!!!! :D
--> Stay at some (eg. Polynesian, Floridian, Animal Kingdom lodge, Wilderness...) Stayed at CBR -DONE- ...almost stayed at others, but really I am content just to have seen them :)
--> Visit the "commons" and see what all the fuss (and scandals) are about DONE (briefly), not that exciting, really
--> If I be-friend someone with a car then I can go to the beach :) Befirended lots of people with cars DONE. Been to beaches. May do both together later on this month...
--> Go to an NBA or NFL or MLB game! I don't care that I'm not into basketball, football or baseball but apparantly they have awesome atmospheres! DONE! Basketball and Baseball :D I watched in the breakroom at CBR and it kind of bored me so don't think I would want to go t game. Saw cheerleaders at the basketball too haha
--> Disney cruise...? (huge CM discounts :D ) DONE. So amazing.
--> See Wicked! and Disney's Cirque du Soleil... DONE (plus SHrek and West Side Story!)and DONE!!!

--> Have the BEST time EVERRRRRRR.... and meet people from ALL around the world and hear american accents until my heart is content :D ..totally DONE!!!!! as you can see, I think I have done pretty well. Still wanna see the everglades which I realised is not there. ...but I have done things that weren't even on the list, like New Orleans and NY happened too. Loved it all. :D SO lucky. Would do it all again.

Let me ask, what do ya'll think about a "Life after Disney" blog? I probably wouldn't write in it as much but I guess it wll help the separation since at least I could still write my thoughts down here.

Off to do something productive!!



  1. Bon apres midi! :D

    Miami sounds like Tahiti when I was there. Except it rained half the time (was monsoon season), but you dried off pretty quickly. The water there was really warm too :)

    Nikki Beach seems pretty cool. Awesome photos btw :D

    Lol, I'm going to wanna see proof of this tan :P

    Also, I didn't know you were a fan of fast rollercoasters...

    Your wishlist and completion list seem very impressive. I'm glad you did so much fun stuff.

    ~Richard :)

  2. ...are you a fan of fast rollercoasters?

  3. I'm not much of a fan of roller coasters in the first place - I'm not like a dare devil or anything...

    Also, an after Disney blog would be interesting, but it'd depend on whether you posted often enough, like at least once a week or something.

  4. i'm thinking of making blogging pretty regular - like the lady from sex and thecity lol. it'll help get my ideas out and stop me being as lonely.

  5. Oh ok. Cos I check your blog at least once a day to see if you've posted/commented. So if you were only going to post every week or so then I prob wouldn't check it as regularly...