Monday, June 6, 2011

10 days straight

Ahh Disney, got to love crazy irregular schedules. Not only will your hours be all over the place but so will your days off (unless you are lucky).
...soooo hard getting back into evening shifts again :(

After today (my one day off) I don't have another til next thursday! ergh. Awful thought. :/

Buuut lets talk about my week after the adventures of Miami and Busch.
I had one day at CBR and then three at Star Wars.

Surprisingly I actually enjoyed my CBR shift. Not only did I get to see my old food and bev managers again (love them!) but I got to work with the new guy. He quite entertains me. Plus he is very interesting. For one thing he has a girlfriend in France, and he met her when he studied there. It is quite amazing, really. Mainly, it's nice having another person there my age to hang out with.
Got to hate the stupid rumors that fly around that place though....

When I was at Star Wars one of my CBR managers came in. It was nice to see him. ...and especially out of his work attire. lol :P

Star Wars was ok. A little boring at times - an ohmygoodness the tent is FREEZING at night. We all wear jedi robes to keep warm and "merchantain". :P

I made another friend. :] Yay! I love making friends. Sucks I make these friends close to the end of my programme though. They are so nice!

Went to House of Blues last night. Only went for about 1.5hours but it was still fun. I liked being able to dance! Agh, it's been too long since I danced!

Today I wasn't sure what to do with myself but I think it ended up being kind of productive...? I managed to get to Florida Mall (all by myself, yay!) and pick up my camera!!! <3 I have missed it so. It is wonderful being re-united. :D
Then I browsed through Barnes and Noble (that place is so lovely and quiet and full of books. I could be there for hours) and THEN I went shopping. I was kind of looking at swimsuits because when i was in Miami people asked why I wasn;t wearing a bikini. I am not really a biknini person, and I;m a little self conscious.....but I figured since i was by meyself anyway it couldn't hurt to try some on.
So I did....and I didn't find anything I liked.
...but alas! I found clothing... :P *guilty look* Yes, couldn't help it. There's one shop called Giti which I am fond of especially...

I also got some makeup (glow in the dark nail-polish - like WoAH!) and had lunch. I ate pretty healthy (be proud!) and even had a fruit smoothie with acai berries. Yes, that's right.

Can I just say, if anyone ever visits Moochie, the yoghurt place, that Red Velvet is the best flavour ever. They dont have it often, but if you see it - pounce!!!

I got some new sandals. Mine were falling apart. Literally. ....and I am sad cos I loved them but I guess it is time to move on and since the new ones were on sale that made me happy! ;)

Might go to Applebees tonight for some dancing and fun, since i don't work til 4.30pm tomorrow.
Gosh, such a party animal all of a sudden. Crazy.
Boys - stay awaaaaay from me. I need no more complications etc. Okay?!




    Heya, after this week I'll have two more weeks of uni left.

    Lol, merchantaining sounds like fun :P

    Yay for dancing! Pity you weren't there longer, then you could've had more practice :D

    Red velvet sounds like eating curtains lol XD What kind of flavours did it have in it?

    Lol, glow in the dark nail polish could come in handy for Halloween next year :P

    Also, I don't think you need to be that attached to sandals lol

    Now that you've got your camera back, you can take lots and lots more photos, yay! :D

    Lol, there are some cute girls at uni, but I don't really have time for them cos of all my assignments, lectures, tests and group work :/ Perhaps next semester...?

    ~Richard :)

  2. red velvet is an awesome chocolate flavour ;)

  3. Ooh, that sounds goood :P But why call it red velvet? Why not a name that brings chocolate to mind, instead of curtains? XD