Friday, June 24, 2011

The magic, the memories and YOU!

I have a lot of catching up to do!
...and I leave Fl in...about 8 days!!!! Arrrrrrrgh. :/

I started packing ast night. Be proud. Took lots of convincing.
Oh, and parents/anyone who cares about my eating - you should see what I have been eating here. If I had taken a picture of what I bought at the supermarket, my goodness! Blueberries,raspberries, strawberries, fruit juice, rice, veggies, meat, yoghurt....

Regarding my previous post, Star Tours was aweosme because there ar eover 50 diff version of it, and although I was never picked as the rebel spy we got to see the Chewbacca one and the Darth Vader one. :) Funny we got the chewy one since before the ride I said "I want to see chewy!" :P haha

Illuminations had this annoying guest kid who tried to do something that was a safety hazrd and so I told him not to. He tried to question but stopped when he found out who I was :P hehe

The Ice Bar was pretty interesting. Fun experience, and ya'll know how I like new and interesting things! I like how the glasses were made of ice and could be eaten (advisable to drink yourbeverage first though ;) )!
The room changed colours and there were fun sculptures. The bar tender was pretty amusing too(and he made us our own concoxion). Oh, and their costumes were pretty fun.
There weren't many people there at that time, and somehow we managed to stumble upon an Aussie! haha!

We (my friend from Flower and Garden Festival) got to wear communal coats and glovs, woo! haha. Than goodness though, cos our hands still froze and our toes became icicles!

After we had finished amusing ourselves at the Ice Bar, we went to Boardwalk. We didn't stay at Jellyrolls too long cos it was a ittle repetitive from my last experiences. But we found more amusement at Dance Hall where a group of random girls made friends with us haha. They dragged us to dance and were twirling us around etc haha.
It was pretty harmless fun, and not dodgy dancing for once. It was just a bunch of people dancing and enjoying themselves. :)

The next day was graduation....

Now, there are things about the graduation I didn't expect, and things I wish they had (which of course I voiced my opinion on haha). I didn't expect people to give out freebies/prizes. lol. I liked that, obviously!

I wanted it to be a little more formal, and with speeches! It was very casual.
..but I got my certificate! wOoo!
Oh! I got to test out my hula skills! Yus!
Plus, I was with my roomie and Joey. :)

After graduation it was just my roomie and I. So we got changed and headed off to Animal Kingdom. Funny thing is that we did one ride and then abandoned ship. lol..
Got back to Patterson and wet swimming in the pool instead. Which is a lvely pool. :) Much nicer than Vista's. Just the amount of chlorine makes a big dfference.

It started to thunderstorm really badly. I was tired so was okay with just doing nothing for the rest of the night, but ma roomie still wanted to go to MK.

I was like....Ooohohhk. I guess i can chill out when i get to NZ. Can't go to MK every day.
Plus I wanted to get my hat engraved. :P

Got to MK and it was raining again (it had stopped). Wasn;t very pleasnt. I wanted to abandon ship, but we decided to at least find out about the hats and do Pirates of the Carribbean (would have done Peter Pan but the line was crazy long).
Found out they only put NAMES on the back of hats! How laaaaame is that?! I want a quote or something.
Might be able to do it in New Zealand...

Got home and it was late. ...only had about 3 hour before I had to get up for work. :/
ergh. Crazy 6am shifts...

Luckily today I have a 3.30pm shift. :) So got to sleep in, yay!
Yesterday at work was ok. I got to do floorstock all day which I liked :D. The big manager lady was there and was working with us (in our costume even!!). That was different. Kind of nice though, to see her helping us out.
My workmates and I got on pretty well that day. It wasn't cos of the boss lady, we just seemed to be more relaxed around each other...
Oh, I let everyone try my cooking (butter chicken) and they all liked it which made me happy. :D

Whilst at work my friend in NZ, Michael, contacted me. He offered to fly down to Wellington with me to help me settle back in. How nice is THAT!? Aweeeeee. <3
So now I have 2 lovely strong (I think? haha) boys to help me out. That stresses me out a little less.
However, if I am not tired Michael, I promised Richard I will go dancing. You can come watch of course... Maybe you can even try dance? :P haha

Bri, looking forward to seeing you! When? First day of uni?!

A little scared about the volcanic issue in Chile. Hope my flight is ot affected because THAT would not be fun at all. Being stuck in LAX would be a nightmare and a half.

I need to get ready for work though!!


(fyi photos a little out of order)

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  1. Don't worry - we'll have plenty of time to catch up in Wgtn :)

    Lol, I've still gotta finish packing myself, not to mention tidying and vacuuming my room. I've been living out of a suitcase since I don't have a chest of drawers, so it's pretty easy pack everything back into it :P ... Also, my flight back home has been delayed from Sat to Mon cos of the ash cloud :/

    Yeah, Chewie is pretty cool :)

    The ice sculptures look pretty cool - looks like you had a lot of fun there :) What drinks did you order?

    Yay for more dancing! :D

    Freebies at prize giving sounds good, but they prob should've done some speeches... :/

    Lol I would do way more swimming here in NZ if it wasn't soo cold! :/

    At least for once the other cast members can be nice while at work :)

    Mmmm, butter chicken. I was thinking of making that for dinner last night, but made sweet and sour chicken instead :P

    You shouldn't be so surprised - your cooking's very good :)

    If you are a bit tired, I'm sure that I'll have plenty of Lift Plus stocked up in my room :P

    You have some lovely photos of you there ^^

    TTFN :P

    ~Richard :)