Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tick tock..

Kia Ora all!

I got my last Disney schedul the other day. It was quite sombering and sad. The only good things bout it as that my last day I have a day shift, so I don't have to go straight from work to the airport :P

Here's my flight info by the way:
6:40 a.m. Sun., Jul. 3, 2011
arrive 7:57 a.m.

9:30 a.m.
Sun., Jul. 3, 2011
arrive 11:36 a.m


Wed Jul 6 Depart SALT LAKE CITY UT (SLC) at 2:55 PM
Arrive in DENVER CO (DEN) at 4:20 PM

Change planes in DENVER CO (DEN) at 4:50 PM
Arrive in LOS ANGELES INTL (LAX) at 6:20 PM

11:40PM 06 Jul 11 depart LAX
arrive in Auckland(NZ) 8:10AM 08 Jul 11

10.30 depart Auckland
arrive Wellington 11.30am July 8!!!!

Looking forward to seeing my Utah friends before my big jump back to NZ!

I am most excited to see my NZ friends though!!! You are so wonderful :)
...party in Sydney for NYE by the way? Just an idea.... ;)

I have been given pretty much all monring shifts now. Which could be considered lucky, but getting up at around 3.50am every morning kind of plays with my system and I'm not a morning person.....
Generlly you'd think I could do what I want after work, but I'm so tired I pretty mcuh crash.

I graduate the day after tomorrow from this programme!!! :)

Got my NZ phone working again! Phew! Just need credit on it... :P

I have been getting lots of requests to adopt me. haha Kind of flattering. :)
Also got a few marriage offers. ;)

Guests are so funny, and here are some examples why.

Last night I went to Illuminations (Epcot) with my roomie. We had dessert whilst watching the fireworks :P. There was this annoying boy who jumped up on the ledge where he wasn't meant to be. I was like "uh, you can't sit there" he was like "did someone tell yo-" ..."we're cast members" (my roomie joined in lol). Boy: "oh. *gets off* hahaha. Kind of felt a little powerful. :P .. but see how weird it is how we work even when we are off duty!? haha

Now, I see a lot of cars around Disney with writing on them. Which is fine, I get how people are excited - but when the sy stuff like "proud parents of a kindergarten grduate" I get a little weirded out. I mean, really people?

Anyway, I am going to do a few things. Only have today off then another 6am, then graduation day! lol!!

Loving it here (even through the humidity and intense thunderstorming!!!)
Def going to com back. :)



  1. Will comment further later, but do you know your flight number to Wgtn?

  2. Kia ora!

    Glad that you have time before your flight - I can imagine how stressful it'd be, trying to rush there :/

    Have fun in Utah! It'll be like a mini-holiday :P

    Might be able to make NYE...

    Hope graduation is awesome. Do you wear the gowns etc? Take lots of photos (as usual) :P

    Don't you mean marriage proposals?

    Lol, why does it take someone to tell them not to something unsafe? Can't they see that it the first place?

    Proud parents of a kindergarten graduate?? That's not even an acheivement! A kid could be homeschooled at that age and be way smarter! Man, americans are weird...

    Ooh, thunderstorms! :D

    ~Richard :)

  3. I will forward you the flight info..

    lol, no, no one actually proposed Richard :P haha

    ...lool I know, right?

    yes, lots of thunderstorms!!!!

  4. Kewl :) Will be useful in case something happens to your flight - then I can check :)