Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just a kiss on your lips in the mooonlight...

Hey ya'll

I decorated my laptop. :P It now is wonderfully purple. Which is one of the only things I wanted to improve about my laptop because everything else is awesome, love it! :D

So glad I have my camera back now. Yay technology is going well at the moment.
Though, I need to sort out my NZ phone because it doesn't appear to work at the moment... As in, it doesn't even charge!

I have been at CBR the past few days. It has been ok. Today it was BUSY. WHich is WEIRD. Yes we had so much to do that we never finished.

I think I am spreading the love of hugs around the world. haha. Since everyone knows I'm a hug girl they know to hug me. ...which makes them happy too. SO yay! :P

Next 3 days at Star Wars.. This is the last Star Wars Weekend. :( Then back to just CBR...
Have made good friends at Star Wars. Which is one reason why I love events/festivals!

I have a meeting tomorrow with my roomie for the Campus Ambassador thing. :) Hopefully it is a good result.
Speaking of my roomie, she seems the have permanently moved into one of the other flatmats rooms. :( I feel a little abandoned. But alas, it is kind of nice having the room to myself.

I re-wrote a lt of my CV today. I had fun adding the Disney bits in. :P hehe.

So, random, but I now know what it feels like to be stood up now. Not very nice. :( Mean person, I wouldn't do that...

Love this song:

Not much else to report at the moment really.
Enjoying the last of my time here as much as I can. :)
Better go to bed!



  1. Hey ya :D

    Yay for decorating laptops - all I've got on mine is the specs and tech support phone number.

    Can you take lots of photos now? There are some really good ones of you lately...

    Hmmm, that's not good. Were you using that phone in the US, or a US bought one?

    Lol yeah you have good hugs :)

    Hope you had lots of fun during the Star Wars weekends. I'm sure I'd have enjoyed them in your place :P Though all the events you worked at sound fun.

    Having your own room is always better. I haven't shared a room since I was a kid...

    Lol, your CV will be awesome :D

    Stood up for a date? The only time I got stood up was when my friend forgot we were meeting up for lunch.

    Have lots of fun.

    ~Richard :)

  2. it wasn't a dare, just a friend. But not a nice one, obviously cos they haven't even contacted me after!