Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USA club scene

Hey ya'll

So anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am pretty reserved and not very outgoing. I don't drink much (may A cocktail?) and I pretty much stay away from clubbing and guys. I am kind of proper and think certain types of dancing are vulgar and horrible. Pretty much a lot of people my age would call me boring and unadventurous.

I am still like that. But I somehow have more confidence here (and bravery, I suppose).
You know the saying "dance like no-one is watching"? Well I guess since I didn't know anyone last night (after Applebees went to a bar/club place..) I felt like it didn't matter. Apparantly I should dance like that more often because I got a lot of attention. Even got a lady who came up to me and said I could be a model then gave me a buisness card (of course I will NOT be calling because who knows what kind of trap that could be). It was cute how guysbought me drinks since I only had really seen that in movies and I have always bought my own drinks.
Did not like the creepy guys there.
Do not like grinding.
Do not like aggressive people.
Can't say Hookah is the kind of thing I want to be around. I mean I don't like any kind of smoking, and I don't care how much 'healthier' you say it is.

I was pretty vulnerable last night and although it was good to get the curiousity ot of my system I know to be more careful. It's not in my nature to party, but I guess it's more accessible here.
A moment of crazy weakness lol. Never going without friends I know well again, either. Cos I was pretty much by myself.
Got there and home safe. :)

Anyway, so I can cross USA club off my list...

It's funny how my plans change lol. I was going to go to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks. haha.

Oh, and I had a fun day off too. Got my camera, went shopping (bad girl, yes) and chilled out. I felt quite independent since I got the Lynx buses all by myself. I mean, again, I wish I had people to go with but if I want things done/to do things then I have to do it myself.


Peace, love, Mickey.


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  1. Heya

    Yay, two posts two days in a row... Are you going to keep it up? :D

    Hmmm, you prob should've gone out clubbing with friends or roomies, just to make sure that you were safe... But I'm glad you got home ok :)

    Haha, fireworks are prob a lot more safer than clubbing, though having people buy you drinks would be pretty cool :P

    ~Richard :)