Monday, June 27, 2011

A magical night..

The other night I had one of the most magical nights I've probably ever had. It was simple but so beautiful. I tried to write about it(and did end up with a poem) but I couldn't find words good enough to describe it.

I was orignially going to hang out with a workmate after work - just walk somewhere like McDonalds and chat.
But then those plans changed and I ended up being invited to Steak n Shake and then a sleepover.
So I was like, sure. :) Why not?

Steak n Shake was fun, the waitress was kind of distracted though. :P ...and it was like Disney took over the place because we had people in all different costume pieces there! Groups were like "Main Street make some noise!" "Epcot make some noise! etc... :P

But the real fun began with the sleepover.
We went to our apartments to get changed and grab what we needed. Then we went to the cast member's place (not Disney Housing) and hung out. We went in the hot tub [I would say spa, but no-one seems to understand tht term here!?] and pool (this is like 2am) and then my friend (not sure if I should put his name in here haha) and pretty much stayed up the rest of the night talking and enjoying each others company.

I got to see a shooting star! It was amazing. Loved it. :)

When we eventually decided to go back to the house (the pool/hot tub were in a dfferent part of the housing area) around 4am (I think?) we ran into a problem. All the houses looked the same and we had no idea how we got there.

Sooo basically we ended up going on an adventure in the middle of the night to try and find where we could sleep. haha. After much searching and trying to remember our footsteps we finally found it! Yay for clues! It ws actually kind of fun. :P

....and I didn't get any sleep that night. I mean possibly 30mins. But I was kind of impressed that I wasn't even tired! ....but wat made it wonderful was the company. I really really wish I wasn't leaving now. All because of that one night. Will miss you. :(

IN work related news though, the FOH (front of house) shifts were kind of boring, but today's one was okay becuase I kpt myself occupied.
Ok, why does everyone keep telling me to slow down?? I can't help that I walk fast, and I like to be efficient. I'm going to assume that I make people feel like they aren't as productive and they're jealous. lol.
I don't care if you get paid little here, I can't help that I feel like I need to keeo my mind and body busy! I would rather do that and make time go quicker than do nothing and be bored out of my mind....!

Had my last eveing shift tonight. ...and last CBR dancing magicall moment!! :(

I pretty much finished packing today.
The reality is slowly setting in. Oh man it sucks. I don't want to go back to coldness and brain work/stress at uni. ...and the many things I have to get sorted when I get back... :/ At the moment the negative outweigh the positives in my mind. least I will be able to write. I mean I'll be a loner so I would very much enjoy writing to people and then getting replies too. :)

But anyway, it's 1.30am.
Better sleep.

I think my roomie and I are going to do the last of Universal that I haven't done yet, since we have the same day off. :)


thinking of you...

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  1. My comment shall be titled:

    Yay for poems! You have to show me some more some time :)

    Lol, have they never heard of a spa in the US??

    Shoooting star - you shoulda made a wish :/

    Haha, lol. That's quite funny, getting lost tween houses :P

    Lol, you'll crash eventually, if not soon :P

    So, did you decide what dresses you wanted to take home then?

    Hey, you'll have all your NZ friends to keep you company. And now that you're in town, you'll be able to go out more often. Also, I'll be up in the holidays, so that'll be fun :)

    I think I will still write to you as well :)

    Lol, I went to bed at 2am, after watching several episodes of Heroes season 4 XD

    Ttyl. Thinking of you too :)

    ~Richard :)