Monday, June 13, 2011

No more SWW

Time for another episode in the life of kimmie! Woo!

So SWW (Star Wars Weekends) finished yesterday. Kind of happy about that. Not only were most of the shifts kind of boring because there were too many cast members and not enough work, but that tent is FREEEEEZING at night!

However, a cold tent is the least of my worries. Not only did I delegate myself of door opener so I could stand outside in the warmth the other night, but after what I had to do last night I missed the cold tent and having nothing to do.

Yes, last night one of the co-ordinators was going around delegating people to different parts of the park, like the backlands. I somehow unfortunately was placed in 'Icon'. I asked what this was and the lady gave me no explanation (not sure if she didn't know or just didn't want to tell me).

Well I was very mad and felt decieved when I found out. I was put in strollers! ARGH. NightMARE. I swore after the shift I did at MK I would never do a shift like that again. It's horrible!

I was super upset when I found out and hated every minute of it. The chemicals they use upsets my tummy and I hate being back there in the heat lifting those things and cleaning them. They are seriously gross.

Luckily I told them how I felt and they moved me to more of a reciever/greeter. But I still was not happy. It was hot and I dind't know anything and I haaaaaate when I feel so incompetant. Not to mention a lot of the cast there were rude and got on my nerves.

After I clocked out at 1am (yes, I didn't get any chance to ER either :( ) I was SUPER relieved.
I SWEAR no-one can or will make me do that ever again!!!! Haaaaaate it.

Onto other more fun news though...!!

Soooo..... I was asked out. On a date. Now, I kind of said to myself that I wouldn't get involved with anything since I am leaving very soon, but I also would feel super guilty and bad if I said no. I know it takes a lot of courage to ask a girl. So I figured that it wouldn't hurt and may be nice to find out more about him.

We had breakfast at Old Key West cos of the awesome deal for cast at the moment, plus the act they have EGGS BENEDICT. :D It was nice, and then we saw Hangover 2. That was pretty funny, but the first is still better. Give it a 7/10, because it was entertaining and slightly mysterious.

It's funny how rumours/info flies though. I had people coming up to me at work like "so, who's the guy?". LOL. Talk about the confidence of people to come up and ask outright like that!!! XD
It was nice though, if you were going to ask. I like gentlemen. :) opposed to PLAYERS. -.-' NO guy can treat me like I'm not worth what I am because I've got news for ya boys - you aren't even worth my time!!!
...but it's okay, girl power will conquor in the end! I really do love how girls can come together over a boy issue. ;)

The other day before my Star Wars work I went and played in the park. I got to see a bunch of Star Wars characters and then a show which was pretty entertaining (about voice overs).

That day there was an Annual Passholder (was wearing a AP lanyard) in front of me in line. He wa talking and I kind of wasn't paying attention but he ended up letting me go in front of me in line to try catch all 3 characters, which was nice.
Then later on he was in Jabba's when I was working. He got talking to me again and then he tried to buy me something! I obviously couldn't accept it but it was kind of sweet that I made his day so much. :]

Going to the everglades on my days off (thur/fri) maaaaaaybe. Depends how it turns out.
Looking forward to my days off after the 10days straight. Almost there...

Today I have to go to costuming to return costumes and get more than the 2 CBR costumes that I have at the moment.

My 2nd to last schedule ever on the ICP programme is pretty nice. I mean I have to wake up at crazy times (like 3/4am), but at least the 3 morning shifts mean I can go play in the parks after or do other things of my choice since things will be OPEN. haha

Stressed a little about accommodation in NZ. Not cool how they want 6k upfront!

RIGHT. I am going to get up and do something now!!!



  1. Boo! No more Star Wars! :'(

    Lol, Episode 7 in the life of Kimmie? (Ha! See what I did there!)

    I don't think SSW would be that boring - I would soo be into it :P Esp building your own light sabres! I'd duel weild a blue one and an orange one :D

    But true, cold tents would suck... Not to mention Chch is really really rediculously cold now. It's a beautiful sunny day but yet it's FREEZING! Oop - another aftershock (12:23pm)... I'll check how big when I finish this comment... EQ map @

    I'd hate it too if noone told me how to do my job. It's expected that you do it well, but how can you, if you don't know what to do in the first place!!! When I started a new job, I'd always ask/check what I had to do. Then I'd do it really well. And if I still had questions I'd just ask. Fortunately the people I've worked with were really nice and readily helped me. But I also think it was cause I was a hard worker and they really appreciated it :)

    Ok, so you said it was "strollers" but that doesn't really explain much... I thought you were working with babies...? But with chemicals? And excessive heat? I think an elaborate explanation is in order, if you'd be so kind :P

    Why are there so many rude cast members?? They aren't fulfilling their job if they're being rude and unwelcoming to guests! :/

    Ok, so onto the fun news! Was the date romantic and fun? Did he pay for all of it, or did you pay for yourself? And was he cute and gentlemanly? :P

    True, it does take a lot of courage to ask a girl out.

    I don't think I've had Eggs Benedict before - I shall have to try them sometime...

    Hmmm, I have lots of movies that I still have to see, including the Hangover movies... But I do admit, action movies are my fav!

    Lol, all rumors go through the grapevine, hun :P

    Players are not worth anyone's time - they're arrogant to everyone.

    Those are some pretty cool photos you have there. My favourite one is the one with you back to back with the other guy. Love the red vs blue contrast, and the blue lightsabre goes well with your dress - blue's my fav colour (as you know) :P

    The photo with Queen Amidala is the most convincing, since she actually looks very much like the character in the movies.

    What's the everglades? Sounds like a garden, but is it another park?

    Yay for last minute playing in the parks lol :P

    Vic Uni is soo not cool, asking for $6k up front. UC is soo much better, since you pay every week. It's soo much more sensible, esp since students would only be getting a weekly allowance, and not many would have that sum of money lying around...

    Hope your day went well, and you sorted out the accomodation :)


    ~Richard :)

    Btw the aftershock earlier was a 4.2. Big enough to shake my desk, but not much else :)

  2. eeps! I'm scared for you with all these quakes! :/ Hopeyou have an emergency kit!

    We didn't have orange light sabres - just blue, green, red and purple

    Strollers involved cleaning and stacking them (those things are akward shapes and heavy). Also greeting guests and seeing what they need. I haaaaaated cleaning and stacking. HORRIBLE. ...and the place was not inside, hence hot.

    It's not so much the cast being rude to guests, it's them being rude to other cast members!

    The date wa pretty adorable. :P It wasn't exactly "romantic" because we only had like 5 hours before we both had work.
    He did pay, which was SUPER super cute, but I'm such an independent girl that I kind of feel guilty about suh things. Like why should he pay just cos he's a guy, ya know?
    ....he was gentlemanly, yes.

    the everglades are famous in FL. Like swamp lands with gators and airboats...


  3. Hehe, I'll just be fine :)
    But no, I don't have an emergency kit :/

    Oh yup. In the SW universe there are orange light sabres, so I'm disappointed in DW...

    But, what is a stroller??

    Oh ok. Lame. You're supposed to get on with each other....

    That's good. Glad you had a lovely date ^^

    Oooh, that sounds awesome... Don't go and get eaten!


  4. strollers? Like buggies? or prams? know, you wheel little kids around in them....

  5. Lol ok so I did have the right idea then... But cleaning strollers seems soo not like a DW job XD

  6. I do tend to natter on, so people don't pay attention, but I was glad I was able to let you move up a place in line. and yes, I was glad you made my day, Kimmie.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your adventure ;-)

    Donald Speirs

  7. My blog is obviously super easy to find ;) hahaha