Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures with my roomie

On my day off I caught up on a few things (and found out my Hall payment was recieved - yay!!!) and then we were waiting on my roomie's friend to contact us.

She never ended up getting back to us so we decided to go and have some fun. My roomie had to go to the Mall though and I had to go to the post office. So, we parted ways aiming to go to cast connection later. Except things took longer than expected so I ended up going by myself. But it was ok. When I got back we decidedto go do something together. So we went to Epcot to watch Illuminations, have a cocktail (margharita) and eat dessert in France!

Yesterday evening we went to Hollywood Studios. The ride for Toy Story 3 was crazy long like usual so we went on Star Tours 3 times in a row instead. haha. It was awesome. Such nerds. :P

Graduation tomorrow!!!

Just went to an ice bar amd jellyrolls and dance hall. Tired.
Will update more later!!



  1. Which hall did you end up getting in?

  2. Heya

    Yay! Glad your hall payments are done and dusted... Ooh, you had to go to the post office - this sounds promising :D

    Yay! Desert in France!!! :D Did you get creme brulee??

    Lol, Star Wars must've been good then :P

    Looking forward to the update :D

    ~Richard :)

  3. haha - well yes I may hav sent you something Richard ;) I didn't get creme brulee because I had tried it there before (it's good, but the choc version is far more awesome!)

    Star Tours is pretty cool since there are over 50 versions of it :P

    ...Hanna - I'm in Cumberland, floor 8.

  4. Yaaay! :D ... How did I know ;P

    Oh ok. What did you get there instead?

    Wow! That's a lot of versions of one tour :O

  5. Hey there Kimmie,

    Sounds like fun times. Where is that Ice Bar?